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nyger seed - pretty much guaranteed to attract any finches nearby. ... Finches, including chaffinches and greenfinches, use both a feeder and a … To deter any squirrels (not sure they’ll eat nyjer seed) I may need to fix the bottom of the feeder to the fence or buy another squirrel proof cage for the feeder. The main devotion of my spare time is spent bird watching and gardening. In 2005 the RSPB had this to say; While alarms bells aren’t ringing about this annual variation in finch numbers, for greenfinches this drop does continue a long term decline of 53 per cent since 1979, which is likely due to Trichomonosis disease 1. Other ways to encourage Greenfinch activity in your garden are to generally have some shrubbery, nearby trees or bushes for them to land on. They will attract sparrows, starlings, … Listed the below in the chance I think of seeing them in the garden based on the proximity of the birds to the garden. There are a number of plants and flowers you can grow in your garden to try and entice the Greenfinch to become a regular visitor. I’ve not seen a greenfinch for years anywhere. Experiment with different sorts of feeders and seed mixes. Buy bird food from reputable sources. They will often be seen in small groups or in twos, however, they have seen a drop in numbers over the last few years, so making sure you document a greenfinch sighting … This ensures that the seeds can provide the required levels of energy and have been grown with the environment in mind. I’ll also place some on the bird table to increase my chances of spotting a finch. I see them on the ground behind the slatted fence. The female incubates the eggs by herself. There’s a male and female chaffinch. It may take a few days, or even weeks, for the birds to come to a new feeder so be patient. The nest is made from twigs and grass, and lined with fine roots and hair, and built by the female. For instance, keeping sunflower seeds in a feeder can attract greenfinches, while goldfinches love nyjer seeds. Niger/Nyjer seed feeders- designed to hold tiny niger seeds, these attract goldfinches, siskins and redpolls. It’s not hard to attract birds to your backyard, regardless of how small and near it is to a city or how bird-friendly it is or its proximity to well-wooded parks. There’s a male and female chaffinch. Some finches are still a common garden bird. There are a number of feeders that are specifically for nyjer seed. The plan is to leave it for all of winter. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of these in the wild. Finches, specifically goldfinches are known to be partial to nyjer seed. Table of Contents. Any new feeder takes a while for the current birds to get used to it. One of the best ways to encourage birds to visit has got to be by installing some bird feeders in your garden. They come close. More Tips for Attracting Checking birdseed for spoilage. Use a good variety of seed mixes to attract different varieties of birds to your garden. They like to nest in hedges, bushes and trees, but prefer dense shrubbery and hedges the most. Greenfinches eat seeds from the Yew and Hawthorn, having these in the garden can help to attract them. I guess the only difference is the feed holes are smaller as nyjer seed is tiny. Greenfinches eat a variety of seeds including sunflower heats, black sunflower seeds, rosehip seeds and peanuts. Better to use these in a feeder rather than a table as the larger birds will take over. Ingredients such as aspartame, sucralose, or stevia might be toxic for birds. Look for a bright flash of yellow on its wings as it flies. I’ve seen goldfinches within a kilometre of my house on a couple of occasions. After the young hatch, they are fed by both parents Greenfinches nest in colonies in dense shrubs. Growing sunflowers is a great way of providing Greenfinches and many other garden birds with a natural food source . Nesting. However, feed with caution. Dense, evergreen … The upside being if I don’t attract any new birds with the nyjer seed then the feeder with one twist of the ports can be used as a general purpose feeder.

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