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If you’re bow hunting, you will need to be closer to the deer action than when hunting with a rifle or shotgun. the muddy sticks go up quick and easy, you just need 5 compared to the gorilla or lw's 4 to get to the same height. The Boss Hang-on Stand is a sturdy, comfortable hang-on stand that features Silencer Technology and FiberGuard coating on all steel components. Molle Straps: These military-grade shoulder straps will make carrying your stand long distances a breeze. The climb up and climb down will take me about 10-15 minutes to do it quietly and safely, and with four Muddy Pro Climbing sticks I can get 15 to 20 feet high, depending on the spacing between them. After you hang your tree stand, the idea is that you can start hunting immediately. Then I’m ready to hunt. And again, you’re not limited by the kinds of trees present either. Muddy® has several hang on stand options, including the Boss Elite AL or Original Muddy Boss XL. The Bloodsport stand weighs in at a total of 13 lbs. Below is a step by step guide on how to stay as efficient as possible from leaving the truck to hanging your stand and back out again. Public land walk in access would be needed as I dont have a boat. What do folks recommend. 34"L x 24"W extra-large nonslip foot platform leaves plenty of room to maneuver for a better shot. To ascend the tree, I used the same strap-on climbing sticks I used in the past for my hang-on hunts, either the Lone Wolf or the Muddy Pro climbing sticks. As for hanging tree stand hacks, you can also tie ropes from your safety harness to each ladder section and your tree stand. To get up into them, you need to attach several ladder sections (also called “climbing sticks”) to the tree – also using ratchet straps or rope. In these areas you can depend on deer traffic within and to fields and food plots where they will feed in the evening. First, attach your climbing sticks to your harness except two. As you make your way up the tree, attach additional climbing sticks to whatever height you want to hang your stand at, making sure you thoroughly seat them on the tree by pushing down on them. Muddy® has several hang on stand options, including the Boss Elite AL or Original Muddy Boss XL. But here’s how a few members of the Hunting Public use this strategy to consistently sneak in close to bedded deer and kill mature bucks. To heavy for hang and hunt but great treestand. 5 Ground and Box Blind Hunts You Have to Watch! For this specific situation, we’re also defining it as using a hang on stand versus other types of tree stands (you don’t really “hang” ladder stands or climbers, do you?). But any time you leave the ground, you are taking a risk. Features. Here’s the process they discussed broken down into several smaller steps. Before climbing the tree, tie off using a lineman’s belt to your safety harness. So what makes this hang and hunt setup better or more appropriate than other tree stands or options? Stealth Strips: This is an adhesive backing tape that you can add to your stand and sticks, that will again help with the cold and sound dampening. Place your treestand bracket in a pocket or fanny pack so that you can access it quickly once you are at the point of hanging your stand. But depending on the tree cover and habitat in your hunting area, you may or may not have tried hang on stands in the past. Saddle hunters generally setup facing the direction in which the deer are expected to travel. Muddy hang on tree stand with set of four climbing sticks. Climbing and hang-on stands are a great option for mobile hunters, while ladder stands are ideal for more permanent setups or multiple hunters. When you’re hunting on private land, especially those with agricultural fields or food plots in the region, your tactics and hang and hunt setup will change a bit. On the other hand, if you’re hunting on private land, you could set up several hang on stands throughout your property and just bounce around between them depending on the weather conditions and wind. Before climbing the tree, tie off using a lineman’s belt to your safety harness. Some examples from Muddy® include the Pro Climbing Sticks or Ascender sticks. Magnum Pro Harness by Muddy®. As long as you are high enough or in a tree with good branch structure and cover, the deer shouldn’t notice you. You’ll be screwing these ones directly into the tree, which allow for more stability, and also allows you to make modifications such as a small canopy, storage, etc. It just might not be as quiet and secure. Once you’re at the tree, disassemble all the pieces and neatly lay them on the ground and tie the sticks to a pull-up rope at different heights. First, make sure you are wearing a safety harness throughout the process of hanging your tree stand and hunting – it is an essential piece of your hang and hunt setup. Photo credit: Chris Berens. This system is lightweight and made for the mobile treestand hunter. Next, you’ll need to know how to hang a tree stand by yourself. (7) See All Buying Options Add to My List ... Set up is NOT easy and requires at least 2 people. This year I’ll be testing several more … if i want to go higher i carry some screw in steps and put them at the bottom then use the muddy's the rest of the way.

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