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MAPS is the premier non-profit global Medical Affairs organization FOR Medical Affairs professionals BY Medical Affairs professionals across all different levels of experience/specialty to engage, empower and educate. The product launch strategy plays a major role in helping pharma ... patient services, medical affairs, ... how our solutions can help you ensure a successful and smooth new product launch. Given that evidence generation, and subsequently, value substantiation, is both costly and time consuming, planning should begin in early development (Phases I-IIb). How to structure your campaign plan. The Medical affairs groups are a growing vital sector in today's bio pharmaceutical industry in providing hospital consultants, key opinion leaders (KOL's), regulatory agencies and healthcare professionals with scientific and medical information relating to the value and correct usage of the products. But making this happen is a process that can be filled with uncertainty, confusion and frustration. The key challenge companies need to face now is how they will adapt their commercial strategies to be successful. This process also provides an excellent vehicle for constructive pre-launch collaboration and planning with Country and Regional Medical Leaders to fine-tune country-level preparation. As the pharma function with the remit to lead late phase clinical development programs, and build relationships through scientific and clinical exchange with academic thought leaders, community physicians, investigators and collaborative groups, Medical Affairs is a highly externally focused function. Evaluate Pharma predicts that, for the top 20 pharma companies’ recently launched and pipeline portfolios, value creation for products in existing core areas will deliver the greatest value gain between 2018 and 2024, with cumulative sales of $579bn.2 The corresponding forecast for non-core areas is $334bn. Medical affairs see the bigger picture and can often identify opportunities and issues that highly focussed R&D/commercial teams miss. This process invariably uncovers pivotal opportunities and barriers to enabling Medical Affairs’ success in supporting the overall launch planning process. At the launch date gets closer, initiate discussion on the disease that needs to be targeted. The Role of Medical Affairs in a Successful Commercial Launch is a research-based expert views report for industry management who must plan and execute product launch strategies. View Vynamic's full insight and guidance into "Phase 2: Leading During The Pre-Vaccine Phase". Ensuring there is a mechanism for measuring success in launch planning is obvious. 5. Last week’s World Congress Second Annual Summit on The Evolving Role of Medical Affairs and Thought Leader Engagement in an Era of Transparency highlighted compliance challenges facing medical affairs departments.. These departments can be found in a variety of companies that manufacture pharmaceuticals, drugs, medical devices, cosmetics and industrial chemicals. Product management is led by a… product manager.Don’t confuse the role with a project manager. FirstWord offers a range of products and services designed to help your company gain a competitive edge by making key business decisions with speed and confidence. Learn more about how Vynamic approached and delivered this project. 1. Tips for Successful Product Launch in Pharma By 11/07/2018 October 2nd, 2018 No Comments Among the biggest expenses for pharma marketers worldwide, there’s one that really stands out – pharma product launches. Medical Affairs decision-making and activities planning before and after launch, but they also provide an index of the overall role and value of Medical Affairs in launch planning. It was between these separating tectonic plates Brand Performance Assessment During Critical Launch Window, Engaging HCPs Through True Omnichannel Marketing, Health Plan Call Center CRM Business Migration Strategy, Six Key Elements for Medical Affairs in Product Launch Planning, Value Frameworks in Oncology: Comparative Analysis and Implications to the Pharmaceutical Industry, COVID-19: An Approach for Business Re-Opening, COVID-19 Business Response – Phase 1: Initial Re-Opening, Empowering Specialty Organizations with Specialized Tools, Pivoting Oncology Launch Plans Amid COVID-19, Global Vaccines Strategy: COVID-19 Impact Assessment, Digital Patient Journey Platform For HCPs. Medical Affairs’ external liaising informs and supports launch planning to ensure that pharma addresses true clinical and patient needs along the launch path. Internally, Medical Affairs is the bridge between the research and development organization and the commercial organization. This course is particularly suitable for medical affairs executives involved in preparing the market for a new pharmaceutical during the pre-launch phase, as well as new executives in medical affairs departments. You may know the Smart Insights RACE Planning framework which covers five parts which are essential outcomes of a marketing or digital marketing plan, they’re Plan – Reach – InterAct – Convert and Engage an audience. However, a number of key medical affairs functions are critical at the time of product launch. Critical aspects of launch support that Medical Affairs leaders need to focus on are early stage thought leader (TL) interaction, successful TL targeting, […] Significant aspects of medical affairs activity need to be updated: for instance, to rethink medical performance management to maximize the impact of medical activities. The Role of Medical Affairs in a Successful Commercial Launch is a research-based expert views report for industry management who must plan and execute product launch strategies. To facilitate planning, the medical affairs launch needs to be coordinated as a set of activities divided by time frames prior to and following market launch. The Importance of Medical Affairs at Launch The role of the Medical Affairs (MA) function is to educate stakeholders through the delivery of accurate, complete, and unbiased information that supports a product. We’re healthcare industry management consultants driven by our purpose: We believe there is a better way. If there is one thing that Medical Affairs teams always seem to lack, it’s time. That’s a serious concern for the pharma industry, which is expected to derive 25% to 80% of its revenue from new launches by 2021. Dossier reports present unbiased and concise analysis based on interviews with leading industry experts on important trends and challenging issues affecting the pharma industry today. A Global Medical Affairs infectious disease team wanted to understand and leverage key learnings from Disease Awareness pre-launch/launch activities of relevant analog vaccines to inform a global strategy for a vaccine in clinical development. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website and to analyze our web traffic. As evidenced during the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, businesses were ill-prepared to respond. Pre-launch activities need to have a strong focus, including early engagement with customers to co-develop the product value proposition (aligning R&D, Medical and Commercial) while capturing insights to inform the commercialisation and access strategy. In general, the importance of Medical Affairs in leading organizational understanding building across Medical Affairs and Commercial, cannot be underestimated. Early stage TL interaction, successful TL targeting and clear MA guidance to commercial and launch resource management are the four areas that MA organizations must focus on during launch. Research shows that the same commercial experts who are responsible for launch are given the opportunity to have an impact on the launch strategy and plan. “Medical affairs has grown dramatically, so there are many more career opportunities for pharmacists than ever, but it’s also a very competitive space; for each MSL opening there are about 200 applicants on average,” he explained. Finally, Medical Affairs contributes valuable market intelligence. Vynamic's reimagined approach helps clients achieve three valuable outcomes: Accomplished leaders with consulting and industry expertise to deliver. The Global Vaccines team of a large pharmaceutical company engaged Vynamic to provide a strategic assessment of the potential impact of COVID-19 on the future landscape of diagnostics and surveillance of respiratory viruses​. Interactions between the company Medical Affairs personnel and HCPs, whether between Global and Country MA Leaders and KOLs, or MSLs and Clinical Trial Investigators, provide critical touchpoints for capturing insights and ‘Voice of the Customer’ dialog about patient about medical need and clinical practice, science, data and information on therapeutic intervention such as efficacy and safety. In the recent past, the medical affairs function was often more narrowly defined within many companies and the majority of strategic responsibility resided with the commercial teams. A growing area of investment by Pharma companies is in optimizing processes and governance for more structured and strategically valuable KPI collection using CRM platforms across Medical Affairs. Medical affairs Driving influence across the health care ecosystem Instant Insights Solving your most pressing business challenges starts with knowing the landscape. The report is packed with actionable insights on how and where medical affairs can play a critical role in pre and post launch. In summary, leaders articulated three distinct imperatives on the evolving role of medical affairs in APAC in terms of what it will take to deliver in the next three to five years. Telehealth Is Here To Stay. In our experience, there is greater scope for Medical Affairs functions to utilize third-party support to help drive critical projects, track Medical Affairs planning progress, and proactively identify risks and issues, especially across the Global to Local axis. For Medical Affairs Executives, a commitment to defining and hiring the optimal Medical Affairs teams with the experience, skills, and resources to support company-wide training and education on disease state, product MOA, product data and patient benefits, and prioritized programs and activities, is business critical. Biosimilars are entering the U.S. market, and, no matter what role a company plays in the healthcare landscape, biosimilars will be a disrupter. Medical Affairs is both a rewarding and challenging area in the evolving environment of drug development and launch readiness planning. A medical director is a physician who serves as the clinical leader of a medical facility. The two roles have a number of areas in which there is a definite overlap; however, there are differences and in recent years the role of the Corporate Affairs leader has gained more traction than that of marketing. Coordinated and consistent communication planning from Medical Affairs across pharma functions in Global, Regions and Countries, as well as with other parties such as development, strategic, diagnostic, and business partners, has significant positive impact. Mistakes can set back years of effort and millions of dollars in expenses. As an example, Medical Affairs launch planning in Infectious Disease (ID) may need to consider: academic and community ID Specialists, General Practitioners, Investigators and Collaborative Groups, Pathologists, Providers, Payers, Pharmacists and Public Policy Makers, patient advocacy groups, among others, depending on the disease and its multi-disciplinary management. These professionals work throughout a product’s lifecycle, help to ensure that products are used effectively, serve as scientific peers and resources within the medical community, and are scientific experts to internal colleagues. In this episode we …, 1. The model needs to be revised because: Mr. Wohlgemut says those who own the result get a say in the plan. As the impact of medical affairs activities on the commercial success of new pharmaceuticals has increased dramatically, all medical affairs executives will benefit from this course. As the medical affairs launch is meant to prepare the market prior to entry, many critical activities must take place well in advance of actual launch. Learn from the experience of 8 medical affairs professionals working for major pharma/biotech companies in the US and Europe - see who they are now.

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