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I use temperatures of 160-170°C/320-340°F and 60-80% humidity for my brownie recipes. If you ever wonder how a restaurant can get you a perfectly cooked meal in just a few minutes, it is because they have a steam convection oven in the back. Combi steam is an oven cooking method which is great for cooking a massive array of foods. *We do need to have a quick conversation about roasted potatoes here, which is this: in the spirit of honesty, and in recommending you use the best appliance for purpose, combi steam roasted potatoes are not my favourite thing. If you don’t want to miss out when I post new articles and recipes, join the Steam and Bake email list to be notified when new posts are added. A combi-steam oven, sometimes called convection-steam oven, helps you get your holiday cooking done faster and with more health benefits. Happy steam oven cooking, see you here again soon. Vegetables - and fruits - roasted with some steam come out more tender, more flavoursome and more vibrant than their regular oven counterparts, and in about two thirds of the time. The Convection oven is already widely used in Europe. Roasts like whole chicken, duck, pork/lamb racks or a standing beef rib, do best using a temperature range of about 180-220°C/350-430°F) and a moderate to high proportion of steam. Every recipe features a step-by-step video tutorial, full list of ingredients and equipment required, method & hints section. Temperature and humidity levels will differ depending on the dish you’re making, but for a starting point, try a moderate to hot oven temperature and a moderate humidity level. You’ll never have to pre-bake fruit for a pudding again, just chop, top and bake at a moderate temperature with high humidity. Click directly on the PDF link under the image below to download, and feel free to print it out and keep handy for when you’re wondering what to cook in your steam oven. Puff pastry dishes can be cooked at a temperature range of 180-220°C/350-430°F, depending on the filling you plan to put in them and their overall size. As a guide, I add only half the usual quantities of cream, stock or water to the dish before cooking, and cook at a moderate oven temperature with up to 80% steam. If your roast is small and lean, perhaps a piece of beef or lamb fillet, game meat or a chicken breast, then a high temperature and high steam level are going to be your friends. Using a steam oven to reheat food is a great alternative to using a microwave. Plus they brown gorgeously without ever getting that tough top layer which many an oven gratin suffers from. Here are my favourite food ideas for how to make the most of the combi steam settings in your oven. $449.99 $ 449. My preference is to stick with steam oven slow cooking for those tougher, fattier cuts of meat unless your oven gives the option to vary steam/humidity percentages when using combi settings. With such a wide variety in functionality, you can prepare a seemingly limitless variety of meals. Combi, or convection, steam is where a lot of people come unstuck when they buy a steam oven. If you are considering purchasing a steam oven, you may be wondering if it’s worth the cost. When using a steam oven, you can cook an entire turkey in just 90 minutes, and it will be moist and juicy. (You’ll need to connect your oven to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network with a smart phone that has our mobile app to make this magic happen.) Recipes involving puff pastry do surprisingly well in combi steam. Sound familiar? Because of the vitamin retention mentioned above, vegetables are the perfect item to cook in your steam oven. Take a look at the 12-minute brownies with salted peanut butter frosting and the fudge brownies with white chocolate and pecans for examples. If you have a steam oven but you’re still roasting your vegetables* in a regular oven, I urge you to try doing your next tray of veg using combi steam. You simply wipe excess moisture out with a cloth. Convection steam is … So what are the best foods to cook in a steam oven? If you want an oven that enables you to cook with steam, but also gives you that golden and crispy effect, what you need is a combination steam oven: What is a combination steam oven? One of my favourite baked pasta dishes is this cannelloni, but I’m also partial to a simple weeknight affair of cooked dried pasta, tomato puree, sautéed onions, shredded leftover chicken and a few handfuls of spinach all baked under a generous layer of cheese. pre-made recipes (each manufacturer tends to name this based on their jargon such as Master Chef by Miele and so forth), and slow roast mode, which you can use to prepare just about any dish you want. While you probably think of the stovetop when steaming food, you can achieve the same results in the oven as well. They also work wonderfully at enhancing the texture of your food and preventing them from drying out. All you need is a heavy pot (I use Le Creuset cast iron ones) and your steam oven, and you’ve got one of my favourite ways to cook. After all, nobody likes to eat dry fish. Steam ovens allow you to cook dishes which are full of flavour, whilst also retaining the nutrients of the ingredients. That’s a great, easy side dish which is usually pan fried, but in combi steam there’s almost no stirring or attention required until it’s done. A combination steam ovens combines steam cooking with conventional fan-forced heat. Find out more about affiliate links and how they help this site. You’ll never have to pre-bake fruit for a pudding again, just chop, top and bake at a moderate temperature with high humidity. If you can vary your steam, try a moderate temperature, around 180°C/350°F, with no more than 30% humidity. I often saute in a large, shallow tray or pan using combi steam, especially if I’m going to be adding other ingredients to the same pan and roasting further. This beef kofta is another favourite - it’s probably not a purist’s sheet pan dinner because it’s covered in sauce, but I do cook it in a single pan so I’m throwing it out there. It allows you to reheat food without drying it out, which a microwave can often do. Steam ovens can be used to cook almost any type of food, from vegetables to all kinds of meats. Steam also gives bread a crunchy, firm crust. You won’t need to stir casseroles to stop them catching, but if you’ve got some of the meat sitting exposed above your sauce, just turn it over once or twice during cooking to stop it drying out. Think of these posts as an overview with example recipes linked throughout, all designed to get you more comfortable knowing which foods work with steam and combi steam. Plus there’s only one pan to wash! An additional benefit to steaming your food is the moisture retention you gain using this method. All you have to do is scan a barcode and enjoy the magic of time back. If you are considering purchasing a steam oven, we here at Fred’s Appliance repair couldn’t recommend it more. In fact, puff pastry was one of the first things I cooked in a steam oven, and it’s still a go-to when I want to show people what these ovens are capable of. It’s also excellent for poultry like chicken and turkey and eggs in the shell, poached, or as a frittata. Fred's ApplianceOctober 11, 2016CookingLeave a Comment. By adding steam when roasting joints you’ll get meat that’s perfectly moist on the inside but crispy on the outside. Added steam helps to cook the meat relatively quickly, however all that internal fat and sinew needs relatively longer to soften and break down. Whatever you call them, they’re just a collection of ingredients popped on an oven tray and baked together. Part 2: Combi Steam, 12-minute brownies with salted peanut butter frosting, fudge brownies with white chocolate and pecans, ← Combi Steam Almond Crumbed Fish with Sweet Potato Chips, What foods can you cook in a combi steam oven? Plus, if you’re trying to minimise your fat intake, you can do sheet pan dinners with very little (or sometimes no) added fat and still get golden brown vegetables – something I find really hard to achieve in a dry oven. Convection steam ovens are the most popular and versatile type you can buy, and this is because they combine the best of a traditional convection oven with the ability to steam cook. Tune in again soon for the third and final instalment in this series, covering foods which are best cooked without any steam. Oil free cooking which is much healthier. For many people I know that advice will seem daunting, but once you understand the principles, you’ll gradually find you’re having far more hits than misses. If you are having trouble with your steam oven—or with any other appliance in your home—we do hope you will contact us. This post includes affiliate links. It will do just about everything a microwave oven … Steam ovens work by heating water stored within the oven and using that to cook items placed inside. Again, go with high heat and high humidity - the toppings get golden very quickly, so the fish or shellfish underneath can remain moist and tender rather than overcooking. Baked pasta dishes work on similar principles to gratins. My go-to settings for slow roasted meat and casseroles are around 120°C/250°F, and 80% humidity. When steamed properly, rice is the perfect fluffy addition to any meal. The different modes on a convection steam oven allow you to transform restaurant leftovers to their original glory, recreate that delicious avocado toast you’ve been craving, or bake … convection steam oven combines the unique capabilities of a steam oven with the cooking efficiency of a convection oven This is not an argument for getting rid of your stovetop, rather a way of thinking outside the box about how you use your appliances, especially if you’re cooking for a crowd and need to do things a bit differently. Golden, crunchy tops and soft, sticky and juicy within, this varied and simple category of desserts is totally deserving of combi steam. Cook with confidence | real food and steam oven recipes, What foods can you cook in a combi steam oven? The temperature and humidity will vary a bit depending on your recipe, but I’d try somewhere around 160-170°C/320-340°F with 80% humidity. What all of them refer to is this: combi steam cooking is the use of a regular convection (dry) oven setting, usually with a fan forced element, combined with the simultaneous use of wet steam cooking. Sourdough benefits from a blast of steam at the start of cooking but a dry finish, and the best results I get are using a stone, which is liable to crack if put in a steam oven. Each steam oven comes with a number of settings such as steam only, convection mode, gourmet mode i.e. It was the first recipe ever posted on the blog, and it’s still one of the most popular. Read, experiment and please don’t be afraid to try your regular recipes using combi steam. I hope that’s given you some new ideas to make the most of the combi steam setting in your oven. When using a steam oven, you can cook an entire turkey in just 90 minutes, and it will be moist and juicy. If you haven’t read it, go back and have a look for the first article in this series, where I discuss steam-only. Is Your Microwave Broken or Just In Need of Cleaning? Heat from the oven turns the water into steam. These cuts cook fast but using a high proportion of steam means you’re less likely to dry them out. Here are recipes you can try to experiment with this technique: If you would like to learn a little more about combi steam cooking then check out this video from AEG. Firstly, bacon cooked in the steam oven becomes ultra crisp without any additional fat. This will render and brown any exterior fat and cook the meat fully through while remaining juicy. Small tarts can be successfully cooked using combi steam without blind baking your pastry. I think of fish and seafood in a steam oven as having two distinct ways of cooking. For larger tarts I’d recommend blind baking, otherwise the humidity can make your pastry a little soggy. But I love to feature vegetables as the star of a meal, too, for example in this combi steam roasted sweet potato dinner, this whole cauliflower showstopper and one of my go-to lunches, roasted broccoli. Cooking with steam is quick and easy and can often reduce cooking times. Just about anything you’d usually use a water bath/bain marie for should be ok in combi steam, from souffles to self-saucing puddings. There are two forces at play, Convection and Steam. If you want a few examples of how I cook these kinds of dishes, have a look at this Combi Steam Roast Dinner, the fabulous Asian Style Sticky Beef, or Cheat’s Combi Steam Chili. Golden, crunchy tops and soft, sticky and juicy within, this varied and simple category of desserts is totally deserving of combi steam. For instance, garlic and chopped bacon in a tray with a knob of butter can be ‘pan-sauteed’ using combi steam at 200°C/400°F with around 50% humidity, before adding some broccoli or Brussels sprouts and roasting until the vegetables are tender and slightly frazzled at the edges. If you’ve always reheated leftovers in a microwave, now’s the time to stop. Bosch Steam Oven Installed With A Water Reservoir In a plumbed steam oven, the water is supplied directly from your plumbing system. You should end up with a glossy, golden crust and tender fluffy bread inside. I cook mixed trays of vegetables every few days, very often with just a sprinkle of salt over the top. I’m a huge fan of baking, as shown by the ever-growing list of recipes in the combi steam cakes and baking index. 4.1 out of 5 stars 81. The humidity levels mean there’s no tough, dried out layer of pasta on top, and the insides are silky and tender. Straight steam is best for seafood like salmon, fish, lobsters, crab, mussels, and clams. However, if you are cooking something that is best with a nice golden brown color, it’s recommended to finish it off in a regular oven after steaming it. This is because the oven does not dry out the items which may already be feeling a bit dry from their initial cooking and storage. I often cook muffin pan egg and bacon tarts using puff pastry, selecting 180°C/350°F and 50% steam/humidity. I particularly like this high heat/high humidity combi steam method for oily fish, like salmon, as the flavour it gets from a very hot blast in the oven is fantastic, and it cooks in just a few minutes. Crumbs are great on white fish fillets, mussels and oysters, and a smear of mustard topping goes very nicely with salmon, tuna or trout. With larger cakes, you need to be a bit mindful of how much and what type of leavening agents you’re using. Get comfortable, this is a long post! At worst, too much steam in proportion to heat can give you meat which is overcooked and stringy with flabby, chewy fat marbled through it. There are a range of proprietary terms coined by the different oven manufacturers - combi steam, convection steam, vario steam, convection humid, steam surround and steam bake are just a few. All you have to do is select the temperature you want to cook at and the combination steam (or convection steam) setting. Let’s say you've been sold on the idea of wonderful quality food and fast cooking. Steam ovens feature a reservoir that must be filled with water for the oven to work properly. You're ready to place this and other parcels like it in the oven to gently steam inside until cooked through. The plumbed units are more convenient and won't need to be refilled, especially in longer recipes. They may be perfectly textured on the inside, in fact they are fine in general, but you will never get that crispy, crackly exterior on your potatoes without finishing them off using dry heat. Just remember to be careful when opening as the steam can burn! Vegetables also benefit from the added moisture, as do cakes and muffins. Some oven models allow users to select the percentage of humidity to add when using combi settings. I never use a lid – you’ll find that pot roasts with a little fat on the top don’t dry out enough to worry at this kind of temperature (although you can always baste with the pan juices during cooking). A bit of persistence pays off with outstanding meals you couldn’t replicate in any other appliance. When you do sign up, you’ll also be invited to join the subscriber-only private Facebook group, where well over a thousand steam oven owners from around the world are sharing tips and talking about their appliances. If you are selecting steam levels in your appliance, a moderate to high level of humidity is ideal. For instance, vitamin C is easily cooked away when using methods such as boiling. There’s no exact rule for how much faster these dishes will cook, as it depends on the recipe, the type of meat and the dish you’re cooking in. Why Are The Buttons On Your Induction Stove Are Not Working, 7 Reasons Why Your Gas Burner Isn’t Turning On, How to Fix an Ice Maker Producing Broken or Incomplete Ice, How to Replace the Sump Filter in Your GE Dishwasher. Combi steam helps enormously if you’re cooking a roast and want tender, juicy meat or poultry. As food will not burn or bake on in a steam oven there is no need for time consuming oven cleaners and scrubbing! Vegetables, seafood, rice and lentils can all be steamed. All you need to do is place a pan of eggs in the oven, set it to the correct setting, and wait for a batch of perfect boiled eggs to emerge. The final result is golden brown outside and tender and beautifully airy inside. Whether you haven't made a purchase yet, or you've owned one for years, I hope this website will help you build confidence and learn to love your combi steam oven as much as I love mine. The food market is highly competitive, and the combi-steam oven can give you that edge – with quality food cooked over a shorter serving time. It’s also great for cooking cakes and bread. If you have a large joint with a lot of internal fat, I don’t recommend using too much steam unless you’re planning to slow cook the meat into soft, shreddy submission (in which case lower the temperature, and see further down the page for the section on slow cooking). Get it as soon as Sat, Dec 5. The main one is that I generally use whatever temperature I normally would when roasting, but I allow for the meat to cook a lot faster because of the added steam. You know those tall loaves with nice open structures you see on Instagram?

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