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7 Exotic Pets that You Can Adopt and Easily Provide For

majestic exotic iguana

Sure, a Golden Retriever is super cute, but it’s a pet next door that you often see in parks, strolling around the block and in almost 80% of dog videos on the Internet. If you aren’t a dog person, the next “viable” option for adoption is a cat. But again, they might just never appreciate […]

Can You Have a Raccoon as a Pet?

young racoon looking for a pet

Having a pet is a great idea. Asides from serving as comforting companions, pets provide us with emotional support, reduce our stress levels and sense of loneliness. Most people love their pets to be cute. And with just one look into the masked eyes of a raccoon, it’s undeniable that they fit the bill. These […]

What Wild Animals Pose the Biggest Threat to Your Pets?


Taking care of a pet can be difficult sometimes. Buying specific pet-friendly foods, watching over them, troublesome baths, and more. It is tough. These don’t compare to protecting your pet from other animals though, as these scenarios can end up much worse than forgetting to bathe your dog. That is why it’s important to know […]

A Guide on The Best Way to Transport Exotic Pets


More and more people around the world are choosing to adopt exotic pets. From snakes and monkeys to birds and fish; the list of excellent exotic pets is long. Knowing how to care for these animals is critical. Aspects like diet, habitat and grooming come into play. However, many people often overlook traveling needs for […]

How to Prevent Iguana Spikes From Falling Off

If you have a pet iguana, you probably know that they have spikes on their backs. These protrusions are not rigid or hard. The spikes serve two main roles including scaring away potential danger and aesthetics. Some experts say that spikes can help in temperature regulation as well as for cooling off. Caring for your […]