Welcome to GeoZoo! A place where pet lovers can share their enthusiasm and love for all kinds of animals with other passionate pet owners.Here at GeoZoo, we’re creating a site for animal lovers to share their knowledge about their various pets, allowing both inexperienced pet owners and seasoned veterans learn interesting facts about different animals, how to care for them, and all sorts of fun information you need to better understand our adopted companions.From funny videos to How-To articles, we’re creating content that you can truly enjoy while educating yourself and communicating with a like-minded community.

Our Pets are Our Life

Whether it’s the cat next door or something more exotic, GeoZoo is a place where people can come learn about and discuss all things related to animals and their care. This site aims to be a high-quality resource for pet owners and animal enthusiasts looking for information about exotic and domestic animals, tips and tricks for proper pet care, reviews of pet services and the latest gear, as well as stories and experiences from people just like you.We aim to provide easy to navigate, up to date, reliable information to help all animal lovers make clear-headed and informed decisions on which pets to adopt, how to keep those pets happy, and which products are worth buying.

From My Heart To Yours

We’re a small, passionate group of animal lovers dedicated to creating a vibrant community space for people who share our love and dedication to our pets. The heart and inspiration beyond GeoZoo is Robert Fillman, a dedicated pet lover who has devoted his life to studying, keeping and researching different animals and how to properly care for them. From exotic rare pets to more common household companions, from breeding techniques to fun facts and pet care hacks, Robert has created this space to share his knowledge and grow a community resource for equally enthusiastic and curious pet lovers.