Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer Program Review

Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer Program Review

Hiring a trainer to help correct unwanted behaviors in your dog can be expensive, time-consuming and challenging. But it can also cause your dog to view the dog trainer as the true alpha in the home, instead of you, which can lead to a number of issues in regard to more unwanted behaviors.

Other issues can arise if you decide to go it alone and try to train your dog yourself. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can end up confusing your dog further, which will lead to more behavioral problems and a chaotic unhappy household.

Dog obedience training isn’t easy. In fact, it can be a frustrating, lengthy process. Fortunately, Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer program can provide you with the right tools, tricks, and tips that can make training your dog an easier process.

About the Trainer

From New Zealand, Doggy Dan studied animal behavior and came up with an innovative training method for dogs, after trying a variety of dog training programs that just weren’t effective. He was so confident in his training program that he quit his corporate job and decided to focus on dog training full-time. Aside from being a top dog trainer, he also works with cats, horses, and other animals.

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So, what’s this training program all about?

Instead of reading a book on how to train your dog, the author has created an extensive video library that you can utilize based on the type of behaviors your dog is struggling with.

The author has done a great job of covering a variety of issues that can occur in puppies and dogs of all ages.

But unlike competing video dog training programs, Dan does a great job of simplifying each of the training techniques he uses in order to show you how simple and easy training a dog really is as long as you’re committed to consistently using these techniques.

With purchase, this dog training program will come with free access to the Doggy Dan’s training site where you can visit the member’s only area, which is where you’ll find all of the videos and other training information that’s available in PDF form.

These printable training lessons will allow you to reference certain training techniques, which can come in handy if you’re working with your pup outdoors or you don’t have access to a PC.

The lessons in the program consist of a huge variety of videos that can help you train your dog properly.

Dan also offers a wide range of topics in his video library, including the following:

  • Escape artists
  • Barking
  • Aggression
  • Leash pulling
  • Jumping
  • Biting
  • Hyperactivity

There are several other topics to choose from on pretty much any dog related topic you can think of.  In the videos, Dan works with animals he doesn’t know, which shows his viewers how easy these training methods are to use on a variety of animals with different types of behaviors.


With purchase, you’ll also get access to the Doggy Dan forum where you can share your thoughts or ask questions. In this section of the site, you can interact with other dog owners enrolled in this training program. The forum can be a great resource if you’re dealing with a dog that has a challenging behavior or you just want to discuss all things dog-related with other dog owners. You can also speak with certified dog trainers who can answer any training questions you may have.

This forum is always active. In fact, there are times when Dan himself makes an appearance, so you can pick his brain and ask him training and behavior questions.

Training Philosophy

Training Philosophy

Dan isn’t like every other online dog trainer. In fact, he prides himself on giving viewers a realistic look at the challenges that come with dog training, whether you’re working with a shelter dog, a senior, or a hyper puppy.

There are many challenges that can arise throughout your dog’s lifetime, but in the beginning, Dan feels that there are certain techniques you should utilize in order to show your dog his or her place in the home.

Dan’s training philosophy is based on the premise that all dogs are part wolf, regardless of how they’ve become domesticated over hundreds of years. He calls his training style alpha training. His training features a mix of positive reinforcement and correction style training.

This program focuses on the importance of using positive reinforcement instead of punishing a dog. Dan feels that punishing a pet can cause serious damage. With Dan’s method, you’ll focus on your role as pack leader and teach your dog to respect your authority. This is done by mimicking wolf actions when you interact with your dog.

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Doggy Dan 5 Golden Rules: Becoming the Alpha

He also believes in following the five golden rules in order to become the pack leader. This portion of the system involves utilizing gesture eating, a term that means you must eat before any other animal in the pack in order to establish yourself as the leader. It also shows your important role as the provider of the pack and your control over all resources in the home, including food.

Dan also believes it’s important to ignore your dog after periods of separation. With this technique, you’ll ignore your pup when you return home, which means no treats, hugs, or petting. The author believes that doing so will reinforce that you’re the leader, not the dog.

Once you have achieved pack leader status, you’ll move on to the

Everyday Tools and Techniques

In this portion of the program, you’ll find some great dog obedience training tips that are based on behavioral science. The tasks include using short and long leashes, how to use freeze, and other important leash training techniques.


The trainer also provides important information that’s directed at beginners. In this training a puppy for beginners section, Dan explains all the right steps you need to make to train a new pup, from the moment you get home, to teaching basic commands, potty training, and dealing with behavioral issues that are common in puppies such as chewing and jumping up on people.

Project Moses

This is a great section of the program in which the trainer gives customers a look into his life and introduces you to his new dog named Moses. You’ll be able to follow along as the dog becomes adjusted to his new home and family. It’s great to see the trainer in action, using the same techniques you’ll find in the program. It gives buyers confidence that these techniques really do work if used appropriately.

The techniques used are explained in detail. But aside from giving us a look into Dan’s home dog training dynamic, viewers get to see the dog’s progress and how he was able to overcome many unwanted behaviors.

Behavioral Issues

A dog can develop many types of behavioral issues over the years, whether it’s food aggression, chewing, anxiety, digging, biting, or escaping. Many of these unwanted behaviors can lead to rehoming a pet, instead of working with a dog to help correct these behaviors. Dan does a great job of explaining the root cause of many of these behaviors, giving dog owners insight into why dogs act the way they do.

Shelter Dog Training

You’ll find many videos in this program that focus on the behavioral issues that can affect dogs of all ages. These are more complex, tougher problems that aren’t as easy to solve as your dog pulling you during a walk.

This section focuses on issues such as adopting a new dog that has been neglected or abused, or how to handle a dog from a shelter. The trainer provides methods and advice on how you can help dogs deal with separation anxiety, hyperactivity, destructive behaviors, phobias, and fears. This information is very useful as more people see the benefits of saving dogs from shelter life as opposed to buying a new dog from a breeder.

Dog Training 101

In the therapy dog training section, the author teaches viewers how to easily read dog body language. He feels that this is something not many trainers focus on. He also discusses basic concepts of command training, rewards, and provides a wide range of useful facts, and methods you can use when you’re training a new dog. He also explains how easy it is to teach a dog how to play fetch or swim. The trainer does a great job of covering the dynamics of the pack life and how to correctly control your pack using safe, gentle methods that have been proven effective.

Dog Isolation

Dog Isolation

He also helps us to understand the true nature of dogs, explaining that they’re very social creatures by nature. Because of this, isolating a dog is viewed by them as a form of punishment. When a dog repeatedly exhibits unwanted behavior, Dan utilizes this training concept. As an example, if your dog continues to jump up on people, you would isolate them from any type of stimuli such as people, other pets, and toys. This method is used as opposed to hitting or yelling. This method can be very important during the training process if you want a well-adjusted dog.

Before You Buy

If you’re still uncertain whether or not an online dog training program is right for you and your pooch, Dan offers a great solution.

Dan allows you to get a good look at his training style before you decide to dive in and purchase his training program. He offers a free lesson via a four-part online video series. This video series will give you just a taste of what the training program has to offer, but you’ll learn a lot about his training style. Dan also offers a three-day trial for a dollar. After, that, customers will be charged a small monthly subscription fee. The subscription will give you access to all of the training videos, the member’s only area, and the online forum where you can meet other pet owners and speak with certified dog trainers.


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  • The training videos will walk you through a variety of effective training techniques
  • The program’s format is very user-friendly
  • The forum is a great way to connect with other dog owners and ask questions
  • Reasonably priced
  • Fast customer service
  • The author will actually respond to any questions you ask in the forum
  • The training methods used are backed by behavioral science.
  • His project Moses videos give viewers an inside look at his training style in the home
  • The program is frequently updated with new videos
  • The program includes printable PDFs
  • Included are a variety of techniques and training methods that work well for dogs of all ages
  • Free four lesson video series
  • Three-day trial for only one dollar



  • For some dogs, the isolation technique may not work

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Geo Product Rating: [star rating=”5″ numeric=”yes”]

If you’re not able to afford a high-priced dog trainer, then this is definitely the next best thing. This program is very beginner-friendly and makes it easy to carry out each training technique by explaining in detail the reason behind specific behaviors and what you can do to correct these behaviors using positive reinforcement, isolation techniques, and much more.

Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer program provides a large variety of lessons that teach you how to handle many different types of behavior issues, in addition to how to teach your pup basic dog obedience training. This program is perfect for new and seasoned dog owners.

The author does a great job of explaining each technique and walks viewers through the process, making training even the most stubborn dog seem like a piece of cake. Overall, in our Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer Program review, we felt that this is a great well-rounded training program that’s suitable for all breeds and dogs of all ages. We gave this program a rating of five out of five stars.

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