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White Faced Cockatiel Care & Personality Traits

White Faced Cockatiel

Welcome to our guide on White Faced Cockatiel care and personality traits. If you’re considering a pet bird, the White Faced Cockatiel is a wonderful choice. Known for its striking appearance and unique characteristics, this cockatiel mutation is sure to capture your heart. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about […]

Motivating Children To Look After Their Pets

Little boy kisses the dog in nose on the window. Friendship, care, happiness, new year concept.

Did your child talk you into bringing home a pet and then stop caring for the animal? Unfortunately, this is a story that we’ve heard way too many times. Your children long for a pet and convince you that caring for the animal will teach them lessons like responsibility. After bringing home the pet, there’s […]

The King Of Rock And Roll’s Animal Kingdom: Elvis Presley’s Pets At Graceland

Rock and roll does not seem to be the only thing Elvis Presley was a king of. Elvis Presley was also the king of his own animal kingdom in Graceland. Fans of Presley know that he had always loved music, but what many do not know is that he was also a lifelong animal lover. […]