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Red Foot Tortoise Breeding: Tips & Insights

Red Foot Tortoise Breeding

The red-footed tortoise, also known as Geochelone carbonaria, is a popular species in the herpetocultural trade. They are hardy, beautiful, and exhibit interesting behaviors. However, red-foots are still imported for the pet trade, despite being protected under Appendix II of CITES. The biggest threat to their survival is overhunting and habitat loss. Red-footed tortoises are […]

Best Red Foot Tortoise Substrate Picks & Tips

baby red foot tortoise

Red-footed tortoises require a suitable substrate to create a healthy and comfortable habitat. Choosing the right red foot tortoise substrate is crucial for their well-being. The best substrate options for red-footed tortoises include cypress mulch, spagnum moss, and coco-coir. These substrates provide the necessary humidity and allow for burrowing, mimicking their natural habitat. It is […]

Red Foot Tortoise Plants: Safe & Edible Choices

red foot tortoise plants

When it comes to providing a healthy and balanced diet for your red foot tortoise, choosing the right plants is crucial. Red footed tortoises are omnivorous and consume both animal and plant material in the wild. To replicate their natural diet in captivity, it is essential to offer them a variety of safe and edible […]

Complete Guide to Red Foot Tortoise Care: Tips and Tricks

red foot tortoise care

Red-footed tortoises, also known as Chelonoidis carbonaria, are popular pets native to South America. They are attractive to first-time tortoise owners due to their low cost, inquisitive personality, and beautiful colors. As relatively low-maintenance pets, red-footed tortoises have simple care requirements. By providing them with the right enclosure, temperature and humidity levels, and a proper diet, you […]

Pet Turtle vs Pet Tortoise: Pros, Cons, and Comparison Guide

Pet Turtle vs Pet Tortoise

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on pet turtle vs pet tortoise! Are you considering getting a shelled pet but not sure which one to choose? In this comparison guide, we will explore the differences between pet turtles and pet tortoises and help you make an informed decision. Both pet turtles and pet tortoises are unique and fascinating creatures with their own set of characteristics, care requirements, and pros and […]