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Pet Piranha 101 – Do Piranhas make good pets?

Piranha Red Bellied Tropical Tank Fish Aquarium GeoZoo

Piranhas are one of the coolest pets you can own (If you know what you are doing of course)! And the best part, you don’t need to be a villain to keep a fish tank of full gnarly pet piranhas. Pet fish ‘connoisseurs’ all over the world raise Piranhas regularly, and they happily report how […]

The Best Dog Toys With Squeakers

Dog Toys With Squeakers

As dog owners, here at GeoZoo we’re always looking for new and exciting ways to keep our canine companions happy and healthy. A new dog toy simple, awesome, and inexpensive way to keep our dogs happy. Many dog owners know that dogs love playing with whatever they can find, be it a tennis ball, or […]

25 Surprising Ways To Make Your Dog Happy

happy dog golden retriever

Keeping our dogs happy is one of the most exciting parts of being a dog owner, seeing them wiggle their tails and excitedly greet us when we arrive home is the best part of the day. Dogs love the simplest activities (as long as they are with you) and always return their love with with […]

The Importance of Rottweiler Training and Socializing

Rottweiler Training

Rottweilers are highly intelligent, loyal, beautiful dogs. But aside from their breed’s characteristics, an untrained rottweiler can be a total handful, which is why rottweiler training is so important. These dogs can be very independent and determined, which makes early training a must. Training Your Rott Early Even though this breed is known for their […]

Dog Obedience Training Using Positive Reinforcement

Obedience Training

For some pet owners, dog obedience training is simple, while for others, it can be a struggle, especially if you’re dealing with Rottweiler training and just can’t find the right training technique that your dog will respond to. But for most, using positive reinforcement can work wonders when it comes to training success. The Basics […]