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What Wild Animals Pose the Biggest Threat to Your Pets?


Taking care of a pet can be difficult sometimes. Buying specific pet-friendly foods, watching over them, troublesome baths, and more. It is tough. These don’t compare to protecting your pet from other animals though, as these scenarios can end up much worse than forgetting to bathe your dog. That is why it’s important to know […]

Do Bears Make Good Pets?

Grizzly Bear cubs GeoZoo.org

You might have seen videos on Youtube of bears acting like friendly, cuddly, gigantic animals.It’s true, many owners keep bears at home and treat them like gigantic dogs, describing them as members of their family, and comparing them to other more common pets.Always take view this videos with a grain of salt and a pinch […]

The Exotic Pets of Influential Artists in History

Exotic Pets of Influential Artists GeoZoo.org

Pets are marvelous companions that bring us happiness, love, and friendship. They come in all different sizes and shapes, but they all provide company and love to their owners.While some people prefer to keep cats and dogs, some artists prefer the company of wild and exotic animals, maybe because of their eccentricity, perhaps because they […]

Why Are Sugar Gliders Such Controversial Pets?

Sugar Glider Looking GeoZoo.org

Sugar Gliders are minute, fascinating animals that are getting a lot of attention from exotic pet owners, despite the controversy regarding their status as pets.If you go online and search for sugar gliders, you’ll most likely find a some funny YouTube videos of these marsupials gliding in a house, eating candy, and just being plain […]

Pet Piranha 101 – Do Piranhas make good pets?

Piranha Red Bellied Tropical Tank Fish Aquarium GeoZoo

Piranhas are one of the coolest pets you can own (If you know what you are doing of course)! And the best part, you don’t need to be a villain to keep a fish tank of full gnarly pet piranhas. Pet fish ‘connoisseurs’ all over the world raise Piranhas regularly, and they happily report how […]

Do Anteaters Make Good Pets?!? Find Out If An Anteater is Right For You!

Anteater a Happy Hollow Park & Zoo GeoZoo.org

For some people having a dog, a cat, or another common household pet just isn’t enough. They want the excitement and the challenge of raising an exotic pet, loving animals that most people wouldn’t even want NEAR their house.Although having an exotic animal as a pet may seem eccentric, some of these animals can be […]