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Why oh Why… Our Guide to Owning a Pet Skunk

two skunks GeoZoo.org

You might be thinking, do people really keep skunks in their homes as pets?!? Even with their nasty ability to spray that horrible/dreadful odor that takes days to wear off?!Well, to the surprise of many, skunks are getting much attention from pet owners, labeling them as excellent pets to have and great partners. Regarding the […]

Why Are Sugar Gliders Such Controversial Pets?

Sugar Glider Looking GeoZoo.org

Sugar Gliders are minute, fascinating animals that are getting a lot of attention from exotic pet owners, despite the controversy regarding their status as pets.If you go online and search for sugar gliders, you’ll most likely find a some funny YouTube videos of these marsupials gliding in a house, eating candy, and just being plain […]