Do Siamese Cats Make Good Pets?

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If you’re looking to bring home a cat, one of the breeds that you’re sure to hear about is the Siamese cat. Siamese cats have lived alongside humans for years. However, they are known to be a bit mischievous and curious, which could give some people pause about whether a Siamese cat is the right breed for them. Below, we’ve provided you with everything you need to know about Siamese cats so that you can make an informed decision when adopting.

How Do Siamese Cats Look?

Siamese cats are some of the most gorgeous cats available for adoption. They tend to have sleek bodies and strikingly blue eyes. The cats also tend to have a noticeably shiny coat. Siamese cats typically come in a variety of colors, which are darker at points such as the tail and paws. The four most common Siamese cat colors are:

•           Blue

•           Dark Brown

•           Chocolate

•           Lilac

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The Siamese cat tends to have an athletic build. Male cats can weigh between eight and 11 pounds. Female cats tend to weight between four and nine pounds. If you provide your cat with a loving environment and the correct medical care, you can expect your cat to live for up to two decades.

How Do Siamese Cats Act?

Siamese cats have a unique personality, often setting them apart from other domesticated cat breeds. They are known to be quite “vocal,” and enjoy engaging in meowing “conversations” with their owners. Unlike other cats, which sometimes prefer to be left alone to roam free, Siamese cats crave attention. They are known to be loyal and loving, which means they are the ideal cat to bring into a family. Don’t be afraid if your Siamese cat loves to lay on your lap.

However, their caring and cuddly nature does not mean the cats are lazy. Siamese cats are highly intelligent and full of curiosity. Siamese cats could perhaps be related to dogs in that you can train them to play “fetch” with toys. It should come as no surprise that Siamese cats tend to thrive in households that have dogs. If you are a dog owner looking to introduce a cat into your home, the Siamese breed should be one of your first choices.

Are The Grooming Costs For A Siamese Cat High?

The shiny coat on a Siamese cat is very short, which makes it easy for the animal to care for itself. The grooming costs for a Siamese cat should, therefore, be relatively low. You’ll likely find that you only need to groom your Siamese cat once per week. However, don’t be surprised if your Siamese cat loves the way the brush feels and the attention it receives when you’re stroking it back and forth and seeks out daily grooming!

Will Siamese Cats Have Health Problems?

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Like any domesticated cat breed, there could be some health problems from which the Siamese cat suffers. Many of these conditions are hereditary. There are steps you could take to help prevent some of the medical conditions from setting in, but in some situations, there may not be much you can do to avoid these problems. Siamese cats tend to suffer from medical conditions such as:

•           Cancers, including mediastinal lymphoma

•           Intestinal tumors

•           Progressive retinal atrophy, an eye condition that could cause blindness

•           Sensitive stomachs that make the cats prone to vomiting

Additionally, many of today’s breeders produce Siamese cats that have a narrower head than those of years’ past. This could potentially cause some respiratory or dental problems that other cats are not prone to.

Finding The Right Siamese Cat

If you’re interested in bringing a Siamese cat into your home, you may be interested in going through a local shelter. According to the ASPCA, roughly 860,000 shelter cats are euthanized each year. Many shelters are overpopulated, and adopting a pet could give a second chance to a cat.

However, you may want to try and conduct a bit more research into the cat before taking it home. That’s because many shelter cats are not pedigreed, even though they may look and act like a Siamese cat. If you wish to confirm that the cat is Siamese, you’ll need to look at its registration papers. Unfortunately, many shelters don’t carry these records.

You could also look into adopting a cat from a local rescue group. There’s a much stronger chance of a rescue group having registration papers than a shelter. A quick internet search could yield Siamese cat rescue groups in your area. 

Will A Siamese Cat Thrive In Your Home?

Siamese cats can make excellent pets, so long as you provide them with a loving and caring environment. Siamese cats are a bit more outgoing than other cat breeds, which means they have an inherent desire for companionship. If you go away for long stretches, a Siamese cat may not be right for you, as they tend to suffer when left alone. The owner should be home frequently to provide the cat with:

•           Love

•           Attention

•           Affection

We recommend bringing a Siamese cat into a family home, so long as your children are friendly with cats. Additionally, if you have dogs or already have a Siamese cat, bringing another one into the home should not be a problem. Siamese cats get along very well with other animals.

If you are home frequently and can provide your cat with a stable environment, the Siamese cat could be the perfect pet for you. We recommend talking with your local adoption agency or veterinarian to see if your current living situation is ideal for a Siamese cat. If so, choosing could adopt this breed could be well worth your while.

Furthermore, the community of Siamese cat lovers is enormous. You can find them all over too. Like specific fan pages about Siamese Cats on FB. Furthermore, a whole industry exists to cater to both Siamese Cats and to their owners. Things like specially formulated Siamese Cat Food , Toys and much more.

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