DOG CARE Dog Training Collar – Product Review

If you’re struggling to train your dog, you may be interested in a shock collar. Shock collars come with various training modes and vibrations to help reduce barking and keep your pet obedient. However, when browsing online or in your local pet store, you may find that there are numerous options available.

One such option is the Dog Training Collar by DOG CARE, which is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon for those searching for “Dog Training Collars.” Below, we’ve provided you with an extensive overview of the product, so that you can determine whether it’s the ideal choice for your dog.

Training Collar By DOG CARE

The Training Collar by DOG CARE is one of the highest-rated dog collars on Amazon. The product has a 4.2-star rating on Amazon, with more than 3,950 customer reviews. Of those who reviewed the product, more than two-thirds gave it a five-star rating.


  • Three training modes that are safe and efficient
  • No accidental shock
  • The included remote allows you to train nine dogs at once


  • The product is a bit bulky
  • Customers found there was a lag time when adjusting the intensity

Our Verdict

If you’re interested in a shock collar for your dog, we believe that the Dog Training Collar from DOG CARE is worthy of your consideration. There are a few features that help make this product stand out. First and foremost, it comes with three training methods: vibration, beep, and shock. You can use the three modes to teach your dog basic obedience commands and help get your pet under control.

Secondly, this collar stands out because it reduces the likelihood of accidental shock. One of the most significant complaints owners have about shock collars is that there is an increased likelihood of them shocking their beloved pooch when they did not intend to. This collar addresses that problem by adding a security keypad lock to the remote control. You cannot operate the remote until you bypass the security protection.

We also liked this collar because it offers owners access to nine channels. Many of the best dog training collars come with access to two channels. If you’re someone with multiple dogs in your home, the Dog Training Collar from DOG CARE allows you to control each one of them from a single remote control. Additionally, the product has an astounding range of 330 yards.

One of the complaints that we did have about this training collar was that the response times tended to lag when we adjusted the collar’s intensity. The collar can produce static levels ranging between 0 and 99. However, when the collar was far from the remote, it took a bit of time to adjust the intensity. If you need to change the power in a pinch because your dog is out of control, this may not be the best option for you.

You’ll also find that this remote and collar have durable, long-lasting battery life. Both are rechargeable. During testing, we found that the receiver lasted for roughly 15 days and that the remote lasted for about a month on a single charge. If you wish to teach your dog basic obedience then you definitely need to consider investing in an excellent collar.

Cost And Warranty

The Dog Training Collar from DOG CARE is available on Amazon for less than $40. Amazon Prime members will receive free shipping when ordering the product. The company’s website indicates that there is a 12-month warranty on the product. Additionally, DOG CARE offers lifetime tech support.


According to the company’s website, “DOG CARE believes that the power of technology can bring more happiness to every pet owner.” The company devotes itself to developing new products that benefit both a dog and its owners.

184 thoughts on “DOG CARE Dog Training Collar – Product Review

  1. Roc Stock says:

    Just received this and it’s charging now. First off I’d like to say I have had my share of pups and the pup I’ve purchased this for is super hard headed. He won’t stop darting out of the front door. We are a large family of 7, so our door gets opened a lot. We tried a gate, but with a running start he leaps over it in excitement. I’ve been on the fence about this product just because some people refer to this it as inhuman. We’ve tried giving him a treat to get him not to run out and it doesn’t work for him. Our plan is to use this device to get him to stay at the door and not run out as soon as it opens. If it works, this could be a life saving game changer for him. Fingers crossed. I’ll update in a couple of days. 😁

  2. Dana Matthews says:

    I’ve never personally used a collar such as this, but I do believe used correctly, the results would be good. I do understand other’s hesitation.

  3. Paula Gillespie says:

    We have one of these and we used it maybe once or twice on our German Shepard when she was younger to train her to not go out of our gate when we drove out of our driveway and she is now 8 years old and we have never had any issues with her from that time on. Very effective for training.

  4. Anita Jude says:

    My boyfriend trains and hunts dogs so this is something that I will get him to check into its sounds like just what he needs

  5. Rene Chartier says:

    We have our St, Bernard in classes and our pet trainer uses this product for all the dogs training. It is an important device to properly teach a pet. Rene Chartier

  6. Paula S. says:

    I appreciate the information. I have considered these in the past, but after reading this and the comments, not sure if this is right for my dog at this time.

  7. Audrey Stewart says:

    I am not a fan of shock collars. I have raised dogs all my life and have never felt the need to use one. What happened to a treat fro a reward?

  8. Cindy says:

    Looks like a good one. We use a different one for training our dogs, and I HATE the accidental button pushes. This one might be less likely to do that.

  9. Elena V says:

    The warranty on the collar is 12 months, which is much better than most products in the same market, which usually come with a 90-day warranty only.

  10. laurel k says:

    i would try it if there is a level of shock i know it can affect some dogs negatively what i have read but so far here seems okay

  11. Charlotte says:

    What a genius invention! This is something I would definitely feel comfortable using. I have to share this, so all my family and friends can see this genius product!

  12. Debbie Welchert says:

    I love that this collar has three different methods to choose from. I don’t think I could use the shock one. But the other methods sound great.

  13. Julie M Feldermann says:

    I would not use this product. My dog is 12 years old. He’s mainly an inside dog, but he is a good dog. I think we are past the point of a training collar.

  14. Sam says:

    I like the collars that have both the shock and tone options, because most often you will just need the tone to get their attention and save the shock for only when they really need it.

  15. Michelle Garrison says:

    Shock collars are sometimes necessary, but only in the hands of a professional. Mis time the correction (which is what the average person will do), and you create a serious problem.

  16. Robin Cabrini says:

    This looks pretty cool, I could so use this for my Toy Aussie, my only question is if I can use this in conjunction with his invisible fence collar?

  17. Stacey Johnson says:

    I’ve always been hesitant to use these types of collars when training new pups but I like the safety features on this one…worth looking in to.

  18. Gunner Miller says:

    While a good idea, I have always been leery of shock training of any sort.

    It did work well with my little brother. He never stole chocolate from me again. /humor

  19. Judy Rittenhouse says:

    I like the collar that it has 3 different modes…beep, vibration, in lieu of the shock mode. Looks and sounds safe for my dog.

  20. Jim Hale says:

    I’m not sure if I would use this or not. Perhaps only to correct behavior that couldn’t be managed by any other means.

  21. Teresa D Kunberger says:

    My husband keeps telling me to try one and I’m always a little what if it hurts them? But I think I may give it a go after reading your post.

  22. Cherie Johnson says:

    I kike that it reduces the likelihood of accidental shock by adding a security keypad lock to the remote control.

  23. Tina F says:

    I have always looked away when it comes to these collars. But I do like that is stops accidental shock. that is probably why I didn’t like them.

  24. Lisa Lawton says:

    I don’t think that I could use this on my dogs. Patience and repetition and you can train a dog correctly!

  25. Karry says:

    I don’t know I’ve always been kind of hesitant to use this I feel like it’s inhumane but I do know my dog needs to be trained and the normal or traditional ones are not working so I’m glad that there’s a product like this that I might be able to use on her

  26. Bethanne Keep says:

    Nope nope and Nope. I tried a shock collar and it was the cruelest thing to use. It was for barking.
    My girl woud go to bark and when she did it was like a sheer high pitched hell from her .NO WAY
    The should be banned

  27. Chantell Raynee Manninen says:

    I’ve used this and it really did work for our big dog. Not so much on our little one but it could have just been because of her temperament.

  28. Brittany Deaver says:

    I’d worry a little about the lag time in switching the intensity. Overall it looks pretty safe and user friendly though

  29. Terry Borglund says:

    I have heard that a shock collar can hurt a dog badly if used by the wrong person. I think it takes patience and love to train a dog, dogs aren’t stupid, if they don’t like someone you can bet they are not the people you want to hang around with. I don’t believe that you have to hurt or tweak electrical pulses from a gadget to train your dog.

  30. Emma Earnest says:

    I like that it is safe to use, has safety features to prevent accidentally shocking your dog, has lifetime warranty and tech support.

  31. Melanie Lyne Montgomery says:

    I would be interested in trying this out I’ve never used a shock collar, I always thought they were bad. This one after reading the entire article really opened my mind to the benefit of training with this device.

  32. Michael Christofield says:

    This would have been really useful for a dog we had that’s no longer with us. She loved to dig out of the fence and run. I was always worried she would get hit by a car.

  33. shannon zeidan says:

    I’ve always been hesitant to use one of these. My husband needed to with his dog when he first got her. I know it really helped with her training.

  34. Jennifer D Raska says:

    I love this and it seems so safe and efficient!! I am definitely interested in looking more into this for my bestie!

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