How Should You Determine the Best Cat Food? Top Tips for Raw Food Boost

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If you are a cat owner, you may continually wonder which brand is best where cat food is concerned. The truth of the matter is that the sea of cat food brands in the market can be confusing to say the least. If you have just adopted a cat, choosing the right food for your new feline is definitely a bigger puzzle.  Some people will buy cheap cat food in a bid to save a few bucks. Others will simply buy a premium product and hope that it is the best they can get. Choosing cat food can be a bit tricky. However, with the right information, you will know exactly what to look for. To determine the best cat food, the pointers below must be considered first.

What nutrients do cats need?

If you answer this pivotal question, you will be a step closer to getting your furry cat the best feline food available. Cats have many nutritional needs just like other creatures. To begin with, your cat must be hydrated adequately with water. Also, some foods contain more water than others and this contributes to hydration as well. Cats naturally need a lot of protein. The best protein sources are chicken, fish, beef and others. Cats also need an essential amino acid called taurine. Other nutrients that maintain cat health include some fatty acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins.

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Ingredients cats can do without

Cat foods are made with all manner of ingredients. Knowing what cats do not need is important as well to guide you while buying. Cats for example do not require carbohydrates. Although many cat foods are enriched with carbohydrates such as rice and wheat, these will just serve as fillers. Other elements not needed by cats include flavours, binders, coloring, preservatives and more. Some of the ingredients are used to give the food a better taste and to ensure that it lasts longer.

Other factors to consider

  • As mentioned above, nutrition has to come first. choose a food that is nutritious as needed for your cat.
  • When cats eat the same food for too long, they also get bored. In addition, they will not get an array of nutrient sources; limiting their health.
  • Some cat foods can trigger allergies. It is important to observe how each food reacts in your cat. If there is anything to worry about, choose another cat food option.
  • Some cat foods are addictive to cats. To this end, you have to provide your cat with a healthy variety of options to avoid dependence on one food.

Reading a cat food label

The American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) is a body that defines terms of labeling for animal and pet foods in the United States. Therefore, choose a brand that is fully compliant with the requirements set by AAFCO. When there is compliance, the cat food will be labeled ‘Complete and Balanced’. This means that the food has met the nutritional threshold as desired. On the label, make sure that the actual source of meat is mentioned, for example lamb or beef instead of just meat. It is also important to consider the date of expiration before you buy. Avoid products that have ingredients such as bone meal or meat, added sugars or animal digest. Look out for chemical preservative such as propyl gallate, BHT, BHA and others. Avoid cat food that contains fillers such as corn meal.

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Consider raw food for your cat

As predators, cats are wired to consume their foods raw. However, domestication of these pets has led to a change in cat diet. The fact is that cats get better nutrition when they enjoy raw food. Cooking cat food stripes vital nutrients away such as vitamins and minerals. Below are the top benefits of considering raw cat food for your feline.

Merits of raw cat food
  1. Decreased stool odor
  2. Enhanced digestion
  3. Reduced shedding and a healthier coat
  4. A boost in energy
  5. Weight loss in overweight cats
  6. Improved dental and urinary health
  7. Excellent nutritional uptake

The best option in the market to consider is TCfeline Raw Cat Food. This easy to make human grade premix raw cat food is highly convenient. If you are looking for the ultimate homemade raw cat food, this is the product for your cat. It is designed to suit the carnivorous needs of your feline. When mixed with raw meat, this food is ideal for your feline’s holistic health. Keep in mind that this formulation is for cats alone and not other pets. It is enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids to give your cat a boost in heart, joint, brain, skin and cellular health.

This raw cat food is also enriched with taurine which is needed for proper digestion, ocular and reproductive health. All the ingredients in this product are fresh and natural. In fact, the product meets the AFFCO guidelines for all cat life stages. Meaning that you can feed it to your kittens all the way to older cats. It is good to note that this product has no fillers, chemicals, artificial preservatives, flavours or colors. The raw cat food also has no soy, wheat or corn. In addition, no GMOs are used to make this raw cat food. This product is also highly rated by many cat owners and a search online will reveal what others have to say. If you are looking for the most trusted raw cat food brand, this is the best choice for you.

There are other good raw and raw mixers in the cat food market worth mentioning. Some  like are Stella & Chewy’s and Instinct

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