Ideas to Celebrate Your Pooch’s Birthday

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Celebrating your pooch’s birthday is just like celebrating your kid’s birthday. It is a celebration where you ensure your dog has all the fun. Planning a party for the dog is more important than planning one for yourself.

I still remember the day when I got home my English Bulldog puppies who were adorable and could just fit in my palm. 

We usually do a lot of birthday decorations, invite guests and cut a cake for the dog’s birthday, but I feel a lot of things that we do may not really make the dog happy but anxious.

The celebration should be for the dog and only include things it likes.

Hence, here are a few tips to plan a birthday party for the dog.

1. Order or Bake a Dog-Friendly Cake:

This is a basic requirement of a birthday party, but surprisingly I have seen a lot of dogs’ birthday parties where humans order a normal cake for themselves. Your pooch should be included in the celebration, hence order a cake for the dog and one for the humans as the ingredients vary. Cupcakes for the dog make more sense as you would not wish to overfeed it.

2. Invite Guests Only If Your Dog is Comfortable Around Them:

Not every dog is social. A few love humans and a few others are very social with other dogs. Make a guest list keeping in mind the people and their pooches you wish to invite whose company your dog likes. If your dog is not friendly with your friend’s dog, better avoid it as you will make the dogs anxious. If too many people inside your house can make the dog anxious, then keep the guest list short.

3. Enquire About Allergies:

If you invite several dogs for your pooch’s birthday party, you will be serving them pet-friendly cake and food. Before feeding them anything, enquire with their owners if they are allergic to something just to avoid any harm to the dogs.

4. Include Pet-Friendly Decorations:

When we talk about birthday parties, balloons and streamers pop into our heads. Many dogs are scared of floating balloons, especially when they pop. If your dog does not enjoy balloons, then better avoid them altogether. Spending too much budget on decorations is not wise when your dog hardly cares about them. Better save it for some better gifts for the dog.

5. Buy a Birthday Gift:

Just like human babies, pooches also love gifts. The value of the gift does not matter. What matters to them is that it is fun to play with. Get them a toy and gift wrap it for them to open with their teeth and paws. You will enjoy the pooch’s expressions as it unwraps the birthday toy.

6. Plan Fun Games:

Dogs like to engage with their humans hence the best evening for the dog would be fun games that include you. You can engage in a tug-of-war session, play hide and seek or take the dog to a dog park to play with. How can we forget the game of fetch that thrills them the most?

7. Take Your Dog for a Swimming Session:

An indoor party is fine but outdoor is what dogs love the most. You can take them to a nearby pet pool or the beach for them to swim. Large dogs love their swim sessions and can play for hours in the pool. The day should be fun for them and what better way to enjoy it than a refreshing beach outing.

8. Plan a Birthday Trip:

If you can make the time, why not take your dog on a trip to any place nearby? Choose a location that lets the pet be off-leash so that your dog can play around freely. Better to go on a nature-friendly getaway with lots of trek trails or some place near the beach where the dog can have the most fun. If the birthday falls on a weekday, you can choose a weekend to celebrate it instead and take the trip. Choosing an Airbnb is the best option when you travel with your dog.

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9. Visit a Shelter:

Your pet’s birthday should be the day that reminds you of how precious these creations are. Not just your dog, but every dog deserves the same love. Hence, visit the smelter nearby your home and spend some time with the shelter dogs. Carry loads of treats for them and also you can help the shelter out in any way which is trying to find a forever home for these pooches.

10. Limit the Treats:

Obviously, it’s your pet’s birthday hence you will want to make it as happy as you can, but this does not mean you should feed them loads of treats. Limit the food intake of the dog to ensure it does not have an upset stomach. Also, avoid giving the dog any human food during the day. Reduce the dinner size of the dog to balance out the calories of the treats and cakes.

11. Book a Pet-Friendly Venue:

There are several restaurants nowadays that are pet friendly and prioritize pet parents. A few of them also help you plan birthday parties. If you are too busy to do it on your own, you can always take the help of professionals. They will make all the arrangements and you and your guests just need to show up at the venue. You can spend the entire day with your dog and then just hop into the venue to start the celebrations without any worries.

The Bottom Line-Do Not Forget to Enjoy:

Remember to enjoy the day yourself. It is your birthday too as a pet parent and you deserve some break as well. Plan a good party, but do not make it hectic for yourself. Your dog will ultimately enjoy it only if you are happy rather than tired.

Taking care of dogs is also challenging, hence this is a day of celebration where you need to plan it in such a way that not just the dog but you also enjoy the day as much.

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