Old School Dog Grooming Tools That We Don’t See Anymore

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Grooming your dog is an essential activity that should not be neglected. However, many dog owners are using outdated, incorrect, or even inadequate tools from the olden days of pet care.A lack of proper grooming can result in health issues for your beloved dog, and since everyone wants a healthy and happy friend, you should […]

The Importance of Rottweiler Training and Socializing

Rottweiler Training

Rottweilers are highly intelligent, loyal, beautiful dogs. But aside from their breed’s characteristics, an untrained rottweiler can be a total handful, which is why rottweiler training is so important. These dogs can be very independent and determined, which makes early training a must. Training Your Rott Early Even though this breed is known for their […]

Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer Program Review

Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer Program Review

Hiring a trainer to help correct unwanted behaviors in your dog can be expensive, time-consuming and challenging. But it can also cause your dog to view the dog trainer as the true alpha in the home, instead of you, which can lead to a number of issues in regard to more unwanted behaviors. Other issues […]

Dog Obedience Training Using Positive Reinforcement

Obedience Training

For some pet owners, dog obedience training is simple, while for others, it can be a struggle, especially if you’re dealing with Rottweiler training and just can’t find the right training technique that your dog will respond to. But for most, using positive reinforcement can work wonders when it comes to training success. The Basics […]