Are You Being a Good Boy? Pet Cameras: Top Benefits and Why You Need One

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If you are a pet owner, a pet camera is something you might have come across or heard of. If not, this article will dive into all you need to know in this respect. A pet cam is a tool that allows you to capture footage of your pet when you are not around. Because of the audio, you will get to monitor pet noises as well. From behavioral monitoring to security, there are many reasons why you should consider getting a pet camera. The following information highlights some of the top reasons why a pet camera is a handy tool for your home.

Benefits of a pet camera

  1. Monitor your pet’s behavior

If you are like many pet parents, it is hard to know what your pet gets up to when you are not there. Because you spend many hours working, your pet could have various challenges that you may not be aware of. A pet camera will help monitor what a pet does the whole day. From their activities and body language, you will be in a position to tell whether a pet is facing a challenge or not. Some pets whine all day and this behavior can be captured clearly on a pet cam. Whining could indicate a separation anxiety problem. Other pets have a very hard time adjusting or relaxing. You cannot solve your pet’s problem without understanding it first. Once you have captured your footage, you can consult with a pet therapist or a vet to get to the root of the problem if any. Whether you suspect there is a problem or not, it does not harm to monitor your pet’s behavior; this is an eye-opening experience to enhance the overall wellness of your beloved pet.

  1. Interact with your pet when you are away

Technology has come a long way. Many pet cameras are fitted with speakers that allow pet owners to communicate with their furry allies back at home. For example, if your dog seems restless, you can speak to him calmly to restore the peace. If they are misbehaving, you can actually correct their behavior through your voice. This form of interaction enhances the bond between the pet and owner. It also allows you to stay on top of things where your pet is concerned.  This is an empowering feeling knowing that you can monitor your pet remotely.

  1. Entertain your pet

You will be delighted to learn that some pet cameras have functionalities or features that throw treats to your pet when they are behaving well or when it is time to snack. Some cameras also have a laser pointer that allows your cat or pet to play. This is indeed taking pet care to a whole new height. If you are rarely home, what better way to catch up with your furry friend. In addition, when you see your pet having fun, you also take it easy as well.  Many record overall stress reduction at work. When you think about it, it allows you to get some dose of reality entertainment, courtesy of your pet at home; even if for a moment.

  1. Capture entertaining footage

Cute pet videos are a favorite for many. Pets do the most adorable things. In this regard, pet cameras can allow you to capture high quality funny and touching videos that you can share on social media. In fact, some pets have become very famous and even earned their owner a few coins. Do not hesitate to share adorable pet footage with family, friends and even the whole world if you don’t mind.

Now that you know the importance of having a pet camera, what next? The next thing is to look at your options on the market. There are many pet cameras out there with all manner of features. You can actually get confused amid the maze of cameras for pets. However, the following information gives you a list of quality pet cameras that you should consider. These are highly rated products that give you value. The cameras come in all budgets so that you choose what works for you.

Tips to choose a pet camera

Choose a camera based on your individual needs as echoed above. For example, you may need a camera that just monitors your pet without the need for providing treats. You could also be looking for something that facilitates games. Also, you could be interested in a budget camera that is not too elaborate.  Overall, there is something for everyone as you will find out below.

Top pet cameras in the market today

  1. Canary Flex Wi-Fi Pet Camera (see additional info here)

This is an excellent product that you will find innovative to say the least. You can monitor your pet in the house and outside the house. It is a high definition camera that gives you clear footage as needed. You can choose to plug it or use wireless to your convenience. It comes with a lithium ion battery that is rechargeable. This all-weather camera for your pet sports a modern design that is rugged. Come rain, snow, heat or cold, this device is built to withstand the elements. You will also discover that it fits very well in your interior.

some pet cameras can even dispense treats

To deliver HD video and audio, it is fitted with a 25 foot night vision with a wide angle lens. Because this is a modern gadget, you do not need to use a hub. Just download the mobile app and link the camera to the Wi-Fi signal. This saves you the expense of getting a not-so -attractive hub. The camera comes with a top notch microphone and a speaker that is built in. Encrypted cloud storage and secure web transfer are among other inclusions. For the price, this is certainly a high quality pet cam to consider.

Get more market data by checking prices for the Canary at other retailers like

  1. Pawbo+ Wi-Fi Interactive Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser (there are a number of sellers so do your homework

This is yet another high quality camera that delivers through 720p HD live video and a wide angle lens. This gadget allows you and 8 other people to connect to the camera at one time. It can be downloaded onto Android and iOS devices as well. This way, you and your family members will not miss any moment of pet activities. This camera also comes with a built in light point that allows your pet to play a game of ‘chasing the red dot’. It also comes with a treat dispenser to let your furry friend get rewards even when you are not there. This camera allows for live recording and streaming to keep you in the know throughout the day.

A built in microphone and speaker let you communicate effectively with your furry friend. This way, you are always there to comfort your precious pet. If you want to share pictures and videos on social media with friends and family members, this pet cam allows you to do that seamlessly. It is easy to set up the camera with a free Pawbo app download. This product has many positive reviews by pet owners. To this end, you are highly likely to love this camera for your pet.

You may compare prices and shop other sellers of the Pawbo in the market such as

morvelli home camera system is sleek and small
  1. Morvelli FHD22 1080P Home Camera (there is a wide disparity in prices among market offers so do shop around)

This is a cutting edge camera that is fitted with exciting features. Among others, it has enhanced night vision, two-way audio, motion detection and tracking, cloud storage and so much more. This is a multipurpose camera that can work to monitor your pets and your entire household. You can install this camera virtually anywhere. This means that you can decide to mount on the ceiling, vertically or horizontally. Rubberized legs on the camera ensure that it does not slide on surfaces. Connecting and controlling this home camera is also easy. Within 3 minutes, you can set up the camera eliminating any complication. The simple Wi-Fi connection makes the whole process easy.

Once the footage is recorded, it can be stored in various ways including on micro SD card and cloud storage. You can also connect through a myriad of devices including smartphones and tablets. This versatile home camera is certainly ideal for monitoring your pet. See what they get up to the whole day. This product enjoys great ratings on Amazon. It has a 4.2 star rating with most buyers satisfied with product quality and price. The camera also looks very stylish and will add some depth to the decor of your space.

  1. Whew 1080P FHD WIFI Home Camera (inexpensive, yet good quality)

If you are looking for a high quality low budget camera for your pet; this is a great consideration. Because of its 350 degrees horizontal and 100 degrees vertical rotation ability, every corner of your space is covered. It comes with a built in speaker and microphone so that you can communicate with your pet at any time of the day. If you are monitoring at night, the super IR LED night vision allows you to detect every activity going on. The camera is also compatible with Alexa and comes with a very friendly cloud service.

Many users can access the device simultaneously and they can share the content on social media as desired. All devices are supported including Android and iOS phones, PC tables and iPad. On Amazon, this product enjoys over 85%  5 star ratings. Buyers love the fact that it is easy to set up, is portable, affordable and good looking. This is one of the most affordable cameras you can invest in when you want to monitor your pet and your household in general.

A Furbo Pet Camera and dog
  1. Furbo Dog Camera (premium product)

This is a leading dog camera that has enjoyed very high ratings and overall satisfaction from customers. This camera actually notifies you when there are important dog-related events that you should take note of. With real time smart alerts, you are able to know what your dog needs are first. Some of the important alerts you get include when your dog is jumping on furniture or chewing on cords. If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, you will get to know as well. This camera is interactive as well. It comes with a treat tossing feature that can be activated through the free Furbo app. You can also play catch with your dog. Setting up is extremely easy. All you need is to plug it into power and then download the free app and connect to your home Wi-Fi.

This pet camera is the sure way to get some peace of mind when you are away. In terms of pricing, this device packs excellent features to give you value. There are countless reviews and testimonials on how this gadget has saved the lives of pets. It is certainly one of the most popular cameras out there for dogs. It is a best seller in its category. The product is compatible with Alexa.

  1. VINSION HD 1080p Pet Camera

This is a highly versatile camera that can be used as a pet camera, baby monitor, motion detector for elderly people; and many more uses. You can watch over your home with ease; never missing a moment. It comes with a two-way audio system with a HD night vision. This means that you can monitor your home day or night to your convenience. It also delivers smart alerts to your smartphone so that you can stay updated on important events. With cloud storage and excellent connectivity features, this camera is satisfactory.

Setting up the camera is very easy and will take not more than 2 minutes. After plugging the power code, scan the QR code download app and configure on your phone. This is a cheaper camera that does not compromise on quality. It is rated highly and my people love that it is easy to set up and works like a charm. Also, it does not cost an arm and a leg, unlike other options on the market. If you are looking for a budget pet camera that works beyond your expectations, this is the product for you.


As you can see, pet camera options are many; the above list is just a scratch on the surface. Before making an order, make sure to look at verified user reviews and ratings. Consider brand reputation and choose something that fits your budget. A pet camera is becoming a necessity especially if you are a busy person. This is the sure way to keep a keen eye on your cherished pet while you are away.

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