One thought on “There’s A Growing Array Of Emotional Support Animals

  1. Sabrena yakush says:

    I have an emotional service dog. But when I was in the nursing home for the mentally ill for 9 months they won’t let me have him there. Because he was emotional service dog. Also I’m in through a program that serves housing for the mentally ill. And I took him into the office one time. And they told me I could not bring him back in there because there’s other people in there that they classes as well like I do. That might hurt him. My dog is my baby. Nobody touches my dog . dog. And a lady came to my home and he was barking at her well he hasn’t been around me for nine months so he’s only been back with Mommy here for 2 months. To other are strange to him… he is licensed and I carry his ID with me. But some are saying that he is not allowed in .certain places cama. I do not take him to the grocery store or to a restaurant. But he is allowed everywhere else can I sue these companies because they are not allowing my dog to come in.

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