Top Merits of Using Fleece Bedding for Your Guinea Pig

cute guinea pig on fleece

Guinea pigs make for adorable pets and more people are choosing to get them. They are loving and easy to maintain. Because they are herbivores, guinea pigs, also called cavies will fit perfectly within your budget. Taking proper care of cavies is critical to maintaining their well-being and happiness. When they are healthy and happy, expect them to live up to 8 years. Where you house your pet is important. The temperatures must be just right. Guinea pigs do not thrive in very high temperatures.

Also, they need some leg space where they can move and exercise accordingly. Keeping two cavies in a cage is better because they love company. However, make sure to avoid opposite gender combinations. They give birth after a short time and in this regard, keeping two females or two males in one cage is best. They require high quality bedding for them to stay comfortable. Before going into the details about the best bedding for your cavy, consider their feeding, grooming and health needs.

What do guinea pigs eat?

Your cavy will eat a variety of things including fruits and vegetables. Buy good guinea pig food and make sure to provide Timothy hay. As rodents, they must chew to keep their teeth in check. Vitamins are also important and more so vitamin C. Supplementation done daily is critical. 20 to 40 mg of vitamin C daily is ideal. Clean water is another daily requirement for your pet cavy. Avoid giving your guinea pig water that contains chlorine. Always change the water everyday to avoid infections. Also, beware of toxic foods like caffeine, chocolate and alcohol. Furthermore, make sure that your pet is not eating high fat food or snacks for optimal health. Sugar will also do more harm than good and you should avoid feeding it to your pet. When feeding your precious pet, make sure that fruits and vegetables do not exceed 10%. Any food left over should be discarded daily to avoid the growth and spread of bacteria and fungus.

How do you know your cavy is healthy?

A healthy pet should have very clear eyes. Also, the fur should be smooth and healthy as well. The guinea pig should walk normally without any problems. These pets communicate through squeaking and in this regard, a cavy that is not squeaking may have a problem. Your pet should also have a healthy appetite where they eat and drink regularly without any hardship. A healthy cavy is bubbly and will run around easily. Your guinea pig could be unhealthy when they start losing weight. If they experience unexplained hair loss, this is a bad sign as well. Other signs of poor health include skin lesions, lack of energy, laboured breathing, diarrhea, unclear eyes, nasal discharge and even overgrown teeth.

Grooming your guinea pig

Grooming is pivotal to maintaining the right level of hygiene. Brushing the fur of your cavy using a  soft brush can improve the coat. Also, you can spot clean the pet as needed using some clean scentless wipes. Clipping the nails of your pet is a must and doing it once a month is good enough. Your cavy cannot be healthy without the right conditions in terms of their habitat. Cleaning the bedding daily through spot cleaning will help maintain a conducive living environment. Do not worry too much when you notice yellow teeth in your pet; this is normal.

Which is the best bedding for guinea pigs?

The best bedding for your guinea pig is certainly a fleece liner. With fleece bedding, you can control odor and keep your pet comfortably dry. Also, you no longer have to worry about messy paper shavings or other materials. Fleece bedding for your pet is also affordable. The best option to consider is the GuineaDad Fleece Liner 2.0. This product comes with many benefits as mentioned below;

  1. Your cavy stays clean and dry

This bedding comes with a waterproof bottom that does not allow the liquid to sip through. With a layer of super absorbent bamboo, your pet will stay as comfortable as can be.

  1. The guinea pig can burrow in the pocket

This product ensures that your pet burrows as needed in the pocket. With their natural instincts, this will be an easy thing to do. With no messes to worry about, this is a clean way to maintain a happy pet.

  1. Keep illness at bay

This fleece liner by GuineaDad is antibacterial and is dust free. Therefore, your pet is protected from infections such as bumblefoot and urinary infections.

  1. Long lasting bedding

This option is certainly more durable and cost effective.  Wood and paper bedding are disposable and this can cost a fortune without giving the needed results.

  1. A green product

This fleece liner is made using bamboo that is grown naturally. There are no chemicals used to grow the bamboo; making it a green and earth-friendly product. In addition, bamboo is 100% biodegradable.

How to care for the fleece bedding

  • The GuineaDad Fleece bedding is easy to maintain and care for. Every single day, spend a minute or two spot cleaning it. Using a soft brush or dust pan, just clear away any soiling.
  • Once every week, launder the fleece liner using unscented products. Fabric softener is also not necessary. Because of the daily spot cleaning, the weekly wash will be simple. It is important to use very low heat when washing to maintain the shape of the fleece liner. In fact, many users have found that using cold water is best. Hot or warm water can lead to shrinkage.
  • After washing, make sure to tumble dry low or line dry the liner. Using dryer sheet is not necessary. With all the above, you should keep your guinea pig happy and healthy in a hospitable environment.

The fleece bedding is available in different sizes and colors. The color options include grey, blue, orange, pink, purple, sea green, yellow and more. The product is also affordable and rated highly on Amazon. 84% of all users rated this product with a 5 star. Overall, the fleece liner enjoys a 4.5 star rating out of 5 stars. There is no question that this guinea pig bedding will give you great value for money.

If you wish to compare with other fleece liners you can consider this one by Rioussi Guinea Pig Fleece Bedding .

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