5 Ways To Memorialize Your Deceased Pet

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Pets were born to take a special spot in their owners’ hearts. Knowing that they won’t live that long is more than enough reason for their humans to cherish every moment that they spend together. As much as pet owners want them to stay forever, it’ll always reach the point where they have to leave. When that harrowing time comes, there’s nothing left to do but try to fill the void left by those beloved pets that have been nothing short of a day brightener and an endearing family member.

There are traditions and rituals that people do in honor of a loved one’s passing. With deceased pets, though, there are no definitive customs or practices. Perhaps it’s because the grief of losing a pet will pale in comparison to the happiness they’ve brought in their owners’ lives. Still, as their human parent, you have every right to process grief and long for ways that’ll somehow make you feel better. 

Memorialize Your Deceased Pet

Most pet owners find comfort in memorializing their deceased pet. More than the temporary solace, memorializing your deceased pet can also serve as permanent keepsakes that you can treasure for as long as you wish to. If you’re going through this agonizing phase, maybe the recommendations below can help you endure that nagging pain in your heart: 

Hold A Pet Funeral

A funeral can be your second chance to bid a proper farewell to your deceased pet. You can choose to hold the funeral or memorial service at home or at a pet funeral home. Either way, you’ll find that doing so can be a therapeutic step to be at peace with your pet’s passing. 

You can invite friends and family members who share the same love and bond that you had with your pet. Gather in honor of your pet’s memory and share stories or any fond memories you have of your deceased pet. The presence of other people can somehow ease your sorrow. 

As the funeral takes place, you can read poems or bible verses. Flowers could also be a calming way to adorn your pet’s casket. If you chose to have your pet cremated, don’t forget to buy or order one of the many quality pet urns that you can easily find online. These urns can be customized however you like, such as having your pet’s name and picture carved on the vessel. After the funeral, your pet’s urn gets to stay with you, which may help you let go of them wholeheartedly.

Create A Scrapbook Full Of Your Pet’s Pictures

Any pet owner can surely relate to taking countless photos of their pets. Although it may bring a certain pang of pain each time you look at their adorable photos, it’s the only thing left for you to remember how they looked like. Instead of deleting or burying those photos on your hard drive, you can print the pictures and create a scrapbook for them. 

If you know or remember any fond memories connected to each photo, write them in the scrapbook as your special way of remembering them. Put different designs in the scrapbook if you want to, such as stickers, paper art, beads, crafted flowers, and glitters. The activity won’t only make you reminisce about the unforgettable memories you had with your pet, but it’ll also keep you busy for at least a while.

Wear A Pet Tag

If you want to have something that’ll remind you of your deceased pet anywhere you go, wear a tag that has anything to do with them. A pet tag isn’t only inexpensive, but it’s also a simple yet touching way to keep your pet’s memory alive. The tag can be added as a pendant to your necklace or as a charm to your bracelet. 

Your pet’s collar can also be worn the same way you would wear their tag. Some pet owners like wearing dog or cat collars as bracelets, while others prefer to keep them chained to their keys and other accessories. There are also options to customize collars if you want them to include your pet’s name, birthday, and date of death.

Get A New Pet 

Even if you feel like the pain will last a lifetime, it won’t. Memorializing your deceased pet is an effective way to cope with their loss. As time goes, the grief will lessen. One day, you’ll know when you’re ready to get a new pet. 

This time around, you have a better grasp of how to take care of a pet. It’ll be a new journey for both you and your new best friend. When that day comes, it’s almost as if your deceased pet is somewhere between the horizons, happily cheering you on.

Plant A Tree In Their Memory

Trees have been long associated with life and existence. Probably one of the best ways to memorialize your deceased pet is to plant a tree in their memory as your little way of celebrating their once beautiful life. 

You can choose to plant a tree in your garden or backyard so you can personally take care of it as it grows. If you don’t have a garden or any space where you can plant a tree, some services or providers can arrange it for you. In some ways, you’re memorializing your pet and, at the same time, helping the environment.

Get a Tattoo

A tattoo can be a wonderful permanent reminder of a bond you have shared with your pet. There are many designs available online but it`s probably best to create something which describes your relationship the best. Once you have your final design all that is left to decide the where you want it placed. However, keep in mind that getting a tattoo might hurt more depending on the location you choose. There are also costs involved with getting a tattoo. We advise you to think long and hard about this and choose a tattoo artist who has related experience.

Somewhere Between Love And Loss

Take all the time you need to grieve for your pet’s loss. Hopefully, memorializing them can help lessen the pain, and when you’re ready, remembering them won’t break your heart anymore. Your pet’s memory is more than enough to keep you going.

Having and loving a pet is perhaps one of the best experiences in life. Losing them, on the other hand, is excruciating. Yet, pet lovers will always be willing to take on the journey over and over again. Because, at the end of the day, the love for pets will always surpass the fear and pain of losing them.

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