AmazonBasics Dog Waste Bags – Product Review

Over the past couple of years, Amazon has made efforts to improve its AmazonBasics line of home goods. One such example of a product is its Dog Waste Bags. If you have a dog who tends to “go” when you’re out for a walk in public, waste bags are a must. Below, we’ve provided you with a complete analysis of the AmazonBasics Dog Waste Bags so that you can make an informed buying decision.

Dog Waste Bags By AmazonBasics

The Dog Waste Bags by AmazonBasics have a 4.5-star rating, with nearly 9,250 customer reviews. Of those who reviewed the product, more than three-fourths gave it a five-star rating. Customers can purchase the bags in bulk, with the ability to choose from the following:

  • 270 Count
  • 300 Count
  • 540 Count
  • 600 Count
  • 810 Count
  • 900 Count

Additionally, this product comes with a dispenser and leash clip. You can put a roll of bags into the dispenser so that you can carry them with you easily when on your walk. One roll contains 15 bags. Each bag measures 13” L x 9” W.


  • A leak-proof design allows for sanitary pickup
  • Arrows point toward the top of the bag, making them easy to open
  • The roll fits into a standard-sized leash dispenser perfectly


  • The bags are unscented
  • The perforations on the bags are not clear-cut, making it challenging to identify where the bag ends

Our Verdict

Carrying dog waste bags is a must every time you take your dog out on the leash. There’s no telling when your dog is going to need to “go.” We feel that the Dog Waste Bags from AmazonBasics are one of the best products available on the market today. During testing, these bags stood out to us for a few reasons.

First and foremost, the bags are quite affordable. AmazonBasics’ goal is to deliver affordable, quality products, and they manage to do so here. Depending on how many bags you purchase, the bags cost less than two cents each.

Even though the bags are cheap, customers don’t skimp on quality. The bags are leak-proof, preventing messy spills while taking your dog for a walk. The bags are also large enough that you shouldn’t have to worry about coming in contact with your dog’s waste. During testing, we found it easy to tie knots with this bag.

We also liked the fact that the bags come with a leash dispenser so that you can easily take them with you without having to worry about carrying them or putting them in your pocket. The fact that the pre-portioned rolls fit into the dispenser perfectly was not lost on us, either.

Other competitors tend to deliver leash dispensers with their rolls. However, their rolls include 20 bags instead of 15. Although dog parents can fit more bags into the leash dispenser, it also means that the bags are much thinner as a result. AmazonBasics Dog Waste Bags were some of the thickest we came across.

Cost And Warranty

The cost of these bags depends on how many you purchase. For instance, you can buy 270 bags for about $9 and 600 bags for around $12.50. The 900-count item is quite affordable, costing a mere $15. Additionally, AmazonBasics offers a one-year limited warranty on all of its’ products. If you find that the bags degrade or that they do not perform as you intended, be sure to contact AmazonBasics for assistance.

About AmazonBasics


describes AmazonBasics as “Amazon’s equivalent of a store brand.” Like most other store brands, products are often cheaper when purchased this way.

165 thoughts on “AmazonBasics Dog Waste Bags – Product Review

  1. Rae says:

    Great price! You have unscented listed as a con but I actually prefer unscented (I’m sensitive to fake fragrances).

  2. Jenny Ham says:

    Someone put a lot of thought into this great idea. I know it makes a lot of people happy not stepping in the doo.

  3. Paula S. says:

    These are great! It would make walking two dogs at one time SO much easier. All I have are plastic grocery bags, which are not the greatest and not the ideal thing to carry, especially when full!

  4. Kate S. says:

    I really need to buy a few dozen of these and put them around the neighborhood for dog owners who “conveniently forget” to bring something with them when walking. 🙂

  5. Alexander says:

    We bought these from Amazon and they work well. Lucy is older and often has loose stools and this does a good job of keeping it all in

  6. carol s clark says:

    well i wouldnt want bags that are scented thats me make it stink more dont you think i dont know though

  7. Paula Barto says:

    I use bags like this from time to time, but typically just grab the plastic bags that I take home from the grocery store.

  8. Crystal says:

    Unscented is listed as a con but that’s why I like them. Dog poo doesn’t smell good and perfumed dog poo is even worse!

  9. Paula Pennachio says:

    It would be nice if all of my neighbors used bags instead of leaving it for me. I know my dog can’t reach

  10. Christina F says:

    The more the merrier! Never want to be caught out and about without them, since my dog has a sixth sense about that, and will most certainly ensure I need one the moment I am without!

  11. Denise Carnahan says:

    I didnt know that Amazon had their own line of doggie poop bags. I will definitely be trying these. The price is great and you also get the holder with them. I dont use doggie bags for my dog …. I use them for my kids diapers!!!! I found that doggie bags rid the smell of poop way better than baby diaper bags and are way cheaper!

  12. Claire Holtey says:

    though I always carry a bag or two I am a believer in ‘stick and flick’ it is natural, bagging it up and adding to landfill is not natural.

  13. Shannon D Citrino says:

    I always carry bags when I take my dogs for walks, I think it’s so rude when ppl let their dogs mess wherever and just leave it.

  14. Michael Wilton says:

    Not bad, and the arrows are a good idea, but there are far more affordable and sturdier options available.

  15. Wolfbane says:

    These bags work great! We don’t need them for around our home, but we really got some for a lengthy medical trip on which we had three of our dogs, and they held up perfectly.

  16. Mil Fenske says:

    My dog uses his fenced back yard. I periodically collect his “deposits” using a recycled grocery bag.

  17. Ally G says:

    These bags don’t look that great. I don’t go through waste bags very often. My dog prefers to do her business in her backyard. I still have a roll of waste bags that I bought 5 years ago, when she was a puppy.

  18. Anna Pry says:

    didn’t realize amazon had their own line of doggie waste bags, certainly an item you don’t want to have to spend a lot of money on

  19. Sandy Klocinski says:

    The arrows on the bags are awesome! I struggle with those perforated bags to find the opening. I probably won’t be trying them though because I use bio-degradable bags that I can flush down the toilet. Since I have a chihuahua (small dog, small poop), the bio-degradable bags work great. I don’t have to worry what to do with the smelly bags until garbage day

  20. Jon Heil says:

    I bought the lavender scented one, they work awesome and a must, easy to use, yes hard to tell which is the open, but easy to open and then pick up and rotate around and drop in the garbage on our walks! I bought a bunch and great deal on amazon

  21. kathy M says:

    I love the fact that the bags fit into the dispensers that clip onto the leash. That way there is no forgetting them when you go for a walk with your pet. I love the idea of the thicker material for durability! This is especially important if your walking where there is not a facility to wash your hands so it gives the walker some relief that the bags won’t leak or tear.

  22. Angie Andrews says:

    Dog waste bags are definitely needed when walking your dog and these look very convenient with the clip but I do wish they were compostable bags

  23. Anne S says:

    Nice afforadble no-nonsense bags that aren’t going to leak that you can buy in bulk! You convinced me! Thanks!

  24. Kristi says:

    These are a really good deal and I like that they’re leak proof since that’s of course important. For me, unscented bags are a pro because I really don’t like the smell of scented bags.

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