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DELOMO Pet Grooming Glove – Product Review


Does your pet hate the wire bristles of a grooming brush? If so, you may be looking for a product that is gentler on your pet’s coat. One such option is a set of grooming gloves. You can put grooming gloves on your hands, just as you would a set of gardening gloves. The gloves have rubber nubs on them that catch your pet’s fur. The nubs are gentle on your pet’s skin and will not leave them agitated.

When browsing these products, one such option you’re likely to come across is the Pet Grooming Glove by DELOMO. Below, you’ll find an extensive product review so that you can determine whether you should purchase this product.

Pet Grooming Glove By DELOMO

The Pet Grooming Glove by DELOMO has a 4.2-star rating on Amazon with nearly 4,200 customer reviews. Of those who reviewed the product, two-thirds gave it a five-star rating. Because the product is so highly-rated, it carries an “Amazon’s Choice” label for those looking for “dog hair removers.”

The gloves come in a pair. Customers can purchase the pair in either blue or red. There are 255 silicone grooming tips on each glove. DELOMO says that this product is free of any materials that could potentially cause skin irritation.


  • The glove is easy to slip on and off
  • The glove is flexible so that you won’t yank or tug on matted fur
  • Peeling away loose hair from the glove is easy


  • May not work well on pets with short hair
  • Some customers said that silky hair did not cling to the brush

Our Verdict

As pet owners, we’re often skeptical of gloves that claim to help remove fur. There are a good number of these products saturating the market, and not all of them are useful. However, DELOMO recently redesigned its Pet Grooming Gloves. Thanks to the redesign, these gloves are worthy of your consideration, especially if your pet does not like hard grooming bristles.

DELOMO recreated these gloves, adding more silicone nubs to the palm’s surface. This ended up being useful for two reasons. One, it proved to be more relaxing for pets. The additional nubs massage pets during grooming. Second, we also found that it helped the gloves grab more loose hair.

Unfortunately, these gloves only work with pets who have long hair. If you have a pet with a short, silky coat, these gloves likely aren’t strong enough to capture loose hair. However, the gloves are an excellent fit when you use them on animals such as golden retrievers.

We also liked that the gloves are flexible, unlike grooming brushes. Because the gloves are flexible, they go wherever your hand goes. This makes it easier to groom areas that are hard to reach. No longer will you have to worry about grooming your pet with a brush at an awkward angle, scratching it in the process.

Cost And Warranty

Customers can purchase the Blue version of the DELOMO Pet Grooming Glove for just under $13. The Red gloves are a bit more expensive, costing just under $14. The products are eligible for Amazon Prime, which means members will receive free shipping. Additionally, DELOMO offers a 100% money back guarantee, “no questions asked.” The company does not specify how long this offer is valid.


DELOMO is a company that specializes specifically in the manufacturing of pet hair removal products. The company says that it “was founded with one goal in mind, to strengthen the bonds between people and their pets.” DELOMO also says that its “products can help you to brush away the mess and bring you a healthier home.”