ChomChom Roller Dog Hair/Cat Hair/Pet Hair Remover Review

Whether it’s a long hair or short hair, a cat, or a dog, the one thing that every pet owner will deal with is shedding. A four-legged friend that’s given free rein of a home will sleep on beds, sofas, recliners, loveseats, and, of course, laps if they can squeeze in.

But once a pet manages to get comfortable, that means that some transfer of fur is inevitable. Even short-haired dogs and cats do this, though, with medium-to-long haired animals, the fur shedding is even more noticeable, especially in the summer months, when shedding ramps up to help keep cool. This is where the ChomChom roller for pet hair can be a huge help in cleaning up shed fur in pet-loving homes. But does it work?

Cleaning More Efficiently

Under normal circumstances, removing pet hair from fabrics on furniture, beds, or even clothing can only be done two ways. The least efficient way is by picking the shed fur off by hand, which works, but is very slow and tedious. A much faster way is to use a lint roller, which is very effective at picking up fur, but also consumes sticky paper as it does this, meaning that money has to be spent refilling a consumable that doesn’t last very long.

The ChomChom roller brings the convenience and efficiency of a traditional lint roller without any of the waste. It has a specially designed rolling fabric brush that effectively traps pet fur but then rolls it into a waste receptacle. When the receptacle is filled, you open the roller, empty the waste, and continue.


  • No batteries required, purely mechanical action
  • No consumable required, you don’t have to buy refills of anything
  • Easy to maintain, just empty the receptacle
  • Picks up pet dander as well as fur


  • Challenged by clothing, softer surfaces like clothes may require a lint roller
  • The fabric brush wears down with use, so buying a replacement at some point is required
  • Washing not recommended, use a soft towel instead
  • Less effective with fleece or rough textured materials

The Verdict

The ChomChom roller for dog, cat, and other pet hair is an effective, cost-effective solution for pet fur woes, provided you buy this product with a clear understanding of what it can and can’t do. It can be one of the best tools in your home for quickly and efficiently getting rid of all types of pet hair, but only if you use it correctly. In general, we advise longer, flatter fabrics, so most home furnishing, such as sofas, reclining chairs, rugs, and beds will be just fine with this device.

However, it’s not so great with clothing and is far less effective on very rough or “furry” textured fabrics. So while a normal rug on the floor, for example, will clean up quickly, a shag rug won’t do so well with the ChomChom. It’s also important to use the appropriate motions with this tool. It works on a combination of static electricity combined with adhesive properties of the fabric brush, so short, back and forth motions are recommended, not long, continuous strokes. For best results, watch the official instructional video from the company itself to see the optimal method of using it.

Always keep in mind that some specific tools will be better in other situations. A typical lint roller brush may still be your best bet if you want to remove fur from clothing, but for general bed, rug, and furnishing cleaning, the ChomChom is a cost-effective way to remove fur without resorting to an expensive, electrical powered, motorized vacuum solution. You will have to replace it eventually as the fabric wears down, but it’s great when it works.

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