Are you taking the right care of your dog’s health? Here’s a checklist to verify

Routine check of puppy's health

Different breeds of dogs can suffer from different health hazards. These depend on the dog’s size, skin, organ systems, and tone of other allied stuff. It is obvious an Alsatian and a Pug will never face the same kind of health hazards or meet with similar kinds of accidents. Hence, knowing about the dog breed completely, to cover up the health insurance or to take proper care at home is of utmost importance.

Before you start dealing with the kinds of diseases dogs might face, let’s take a fast look at how pet health insurances function in general. This kind of insurance is more like property insurance in nature rather than operating as health insurance. What this means is that the pet owner opting for a policy can only be reimbursed by the policy provider only when they have paid for their pet health directly.

It is mandatory to draw notice to the fact that pet insurance can be beneficial in a commercial way only when the pet is starting to witness a sudden, unforeseen illness or has met with an accident- that is the expenditure for vet visits is hefty. You would find a number of pet health insurance policies that would cover the health expenses of your dog on different occasions.

General routine

Along with taking strict note of your doggo’s health, it is important to take the dog for regular walks, ensure it has enough movement, feed it properly after intervals- neither excess nor less, and make sure it has a proper discharge pattern.

It is important to take care that a dog should not beg for food which is very different from showing them affection. It not only ruins its health but also disturbs its feeding pattern which might cause various digestive problems like ulceration, improper bowel movements and other abnormalities. So owners need to be very strict regarding this issue and train their dogs for the latter’s betterment.

Regular exercise

The owner must necessarily shake off any laziness and take the dogs for walks and runs because not only do dogs need enough movement for proper body functioning like any other animal but also it needs to clear out its bowels in a timely fashion, which most owners do not have an indoor provision of doing. Regular exercise also helps your dog to remain fit and active.

Regular cleaning

Remember to clean your dogs and ensure they have no fleas or ticks on their coat. From washing the fur and trimming it, flossing teeth as well as cleaning genitals once in a while ensure proper hygiene and prevent infections, rashes etc which practically come from being dirty.

Vet appointments and Emergency Plan

Just how we go to a doctor for regular check-ups, taking a dog to a vet regularly is equally important. Not only does its health get properly examined but also the owner gets personalized information on how to take care of the dog’s health till the next visit, or just in general, for that matter. Because often, owners don’t know what to do and need expert help.

Along with this, it is important to create faculties that will help the owner to deal with an accident the dog faces. Owners love their dogs too much to consider it, but we never know how life tests us! So, what one can do is chart out every bit of information about the dog regarding its lifestyle, its food practices, medicines or ointments, vet’s contact details, and so on and so forth. 

These details should ideally be passed on to someone the owner can trust the dog with such that they can take care of the dog during an emergency when the owner is either unavailable or too worked up to deal with the situation. Another thing is to go about the neighborhood and find out who loves the dog or dogs in general and is willing to take care of it on short notice during any emergency.

The cause of the emergency might be the dog itself! This is because dogs are playful creatures and can meet with unforeseen accidents- minor as well as major. Under such circumstances, it is best if first-aid can be provided to the injured dog immediately at home.

It is always advisable that the owner make a Do-It-Yourself first aid set-up for the dog taking instructions from the vet. This might prove to be life-saving if the vet cannot be contacted immediately or cannot come to the animals’ location. And, obviously, it will prove the miserable doggo some immediate relief.  This is especially important if the dog is regularly taken for outdoor activities like camping or hiking.

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