How to train Small Dogs to Use Litter Box

small dog using the toilet

Litter box training for small dogs can be quite challenging at times. But at the same time, it is a great convenience for dogs as well as owners. Training your dog to use a litter box can make it easier for your dog to go to the bathroom when it is convenient for them. In addition, training a small dog to use a litter box can make your environment cleaner and can utlimately save you time.

With a litter box in your home, your dog will not have to wait for you to take him/her out every time he/she wants to use the bathroom. Many people find it odd to use a litter box for dogs instead of cats. But it is convenient for dogs as well. 

Before starting the actual training process, the one important thing that dog owners need is the litter box. The right size, the correct material of the litter box, and the quality of the litter, all these factors contribute to making a perfect litter box for the dog. As the litter box set up is for indoor use, look for the indoor dog litter box grass options like these for better results.

However, what else you need to train your dog is to follow proper guidelines and some tips. Some useful tips that can help you train your dog to use a litter box are as follows:

Step 1: Get the Perfect Litter Box Keeping in Mind the Size of your Dog

As already mentioned, the size and the quality of the litter box matter a lot when you consider training a small dog to use a litter box. Although you are training a smaller dog getting a perfect size litter box is extremely important.

Do not get a litter box that is too small, always use a larger one with the sides that are a bit lower for the dog to get into it easily. Another important thing that is also very essential is the quality of litter for the litter box. Try to look for the best options available as this can make a big difference to the outcome of your training.

Step 2: Make your Dog Familiar with the Litter Box

This is the most important and essential step for the training process. The main reason is that if your dog does not first understand the purpose of the litter box then it will be useless. You can employ a number of different methods as some may better fit the nature of your dog.

One tip that can help you in this respect is with the use of commands. Dogs learn commands quickly, so it will be helpful to teach your dog to associate specific commands with bathroom time and your litter box. Some other tips can also help in this situation. After meals, when your pet normally wishes to relieve himself, watch and observe your dog and when he/she appears ready, place your dog into the litter box. If you can do this regularly, it may help slowly develop this as a habit in your dog.

Step 3: The Actual Training Process

Now that your dog learned some commands and has become a little familiar with the litter box. It is time to start the actual training process. A very common and useful tip in this respect that can help a dog owner is the use of newspaper or old faeces.

By dipping the newspaper in the urine and putting it over the litter box can make your dog understand the importance of the litter box. This trick can help your dog learn quickly to use the litter box from next time to eliminate their waste. It is a useful trick specially to train small dogs.

Step 4: Be Consistent and Avoid Being Harsh Even in Case of Accidents

Training a dog especially litter training requires a lot of patience and effort. So, being a dog owner, it is a great responsibility to stay consistent and calm while training the dog. Always be prepared for accidents.

You may experience a lot of accidents initially but try to tackle them with a cool mind. Do not punish or scold your dog if he/she does something wrong. Stay gentle and calm with your dog, it will make the situation easier on both of you and may allow your dog to learn more learn quickly.

Step 5: Always Appreciate Your Dog with Favourite Treats

Treats are a great way to appreciate and encourage your pet to let them know they are doing a good job. Tell your dog you are always with him/her and show your love in the form of treats. Use your dog’s favorite food to give her a great treat.

You can also encourage your dog by taking him/her out for a walk or playing a short round of ball inside the house. Dogs love these little shows of appreciation, which allow them to learn the commands quickly.


The use of a litter box for the dogs can prove to be a convenient option for both the dog and the owner. A litter box at home will make it easier for a dog to relieve him/herself quickly and conveniently when needed without waiting to go out. Furthermore, adding to the ease of disposing of your dog’s waste and keeping your environment clean. After bringing a litter box home, being consistent, routine and patient while training your dog to use it is one of the essentials. The tips mentioned above will help your dog learn the commands quickly and use them easily.