Owning A Pig As A Pet

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At GeoZoo, we believe that pet ownership should expand outside of traditional cats and dogs. While we undoubtedly love these pets, we also feel as though there’s room in a home for less common animals such as reptiles. One animal that we believe is severely underrated as a house pet is a pig.

If you’re looking to bring a pet into your home this new year but are unsure what type of animal you’d like, continue reading to find out if a pig could be right for you. Because a pig is an unconventional pet, we’ve also provided a few critical elements you’ll need to consider before bringing one into your home.

There Are Often Strict Laws Regarding Ownership of Pigs

Whereas practically every local government allows ownership of pets such as fish, cats, and dogs, you may not be so lucky if you’re trying to adopt a pig. Local governments set the zoning laws that determine whether pig ownership is allowed. Some governments consider pigs exotic pets, putting them with the likes of rare animals such as:

  • Tigers
  • Peacocks
  • Alligators
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If your local government does allow pigs as a pet, you’ll still need to confirm there are no other regulations in place. For instance, some governments require that homeowners make modifications to their house or keep the pig under a certain weight.

Lastly, just because a local government allows pigs does not mean you’re in the clear. Private entities can still block pigs from entering the home. If you rent an apartment, you’ll need to confirm with the landlord that pigs are allowed, especially if you’re going to need to modify the unit. Similarly, if you are part of a homeowner’s association, you’ll want to confirm that the bylaws or governing body has authorized such ownership as acceptable.

If you choose to bring the pig into your home illegally, you could put yourself at risk for severe penalties or fines. More important is the fact that the pig could be taken away from your home unexpectedly, which would prove traumatic for both the animal and your family. All it takes is one neighbor to call the local governing board or animal control for them to remove the pet. We highly recommend you follow all ordinances and regulations before adopting a pig.

What Is It Like To Own A Pig?

Owning a pig could be a gratifying experience. Having a pig as a pet is somewhat similar to a dog in that they are both emotional and smart creatures. Pigs, like dogs, enjoy human companionship. Most pet pigs enjoy things such as going for walks and belly rubs, just as a dog would. However, although some of their characteristics are similar, owning a pig is not the same as owning a dog. There are a few things with which you’ll need to pay particular attention.

Pigs need a lot of time outside. Whereas you can take your dog out to play fetch or for a quick walk around the blog, pigs are happiest spending a majority of their time outdoors. Not only that, but your pig will need to be active when outside as well. If you’re interested in adopting a pig, you’ll want to make sure that you have a spacious yard with plenty of shade. You’ll also need to have a wading pool in which your pig can wallow.

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Pigs also cannot run freely, so you’ll need to make sure that your yard is fenced in. Merely providing a pen or portable fence will not suffice, as this will prove to be too small for the animal. You’ll also need to consider the housing that you’ll provide the pig, as this will likely be a permanent structure.

Furthermore, although dogs and pigs are friendly creatures with similar characteristics, you should exhibit extreme caution when introducing one into another’s environment. Dogs are natural predators while pigs are natural prey. We’ve heard from pig owners who have said that even the friendliest of dogs has snapped and turned on a pet pig. If you already own a dog, you’ll need to put a lot of thought into whether a pig is the best fit.

Lastly, you should also think about the fact that pigs are often destructive. “Rooting” is a natural pig behavior and will likely lead to significant turnover in your yard. If you do not give your pig enough time outside, they’ll attempt to “root” indoors. 

Are You Interested In Owning A Pig?

If you feel as though a pig is the right fit for your home, we recommend that you continue to research to learn more about the animal. Because pigs are not known as ordinary house pets, you may find that there may be fewer resources available. It’s also to keep this in mind once you bring the pig into your home, as finding the answer to a problem may not be as easy as a quick internet search.

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We recommend conducting initial research online and browsing online forums to learn more about the ins and outs of owning a pig. Then, if you think you’re ready to take the next step, contact your local veterinarian or trusted medical professional. Vets can better determine if your home and lifestyle are suitable for adopting a pig. Additionally, some vets may not want to bring a pig into their care. Make sure you have a vet in place before bringing a pig into your home.

Vets may also have access to adoption resources, putting you in contact with pigs available for domestication. If you think that a pig could be right for you, begin by volunteering at a sanctuary or rescue group. This can provide you with exposure to the animal so that you can better begin to understand their habits and behaviors.

This step ensures that you’re comfortable with the long-term commitment that you’re about to make, preventing you from making an impulse decision that you’ll later regret. Plus, you could fall in love with a pig while volunteering and provide it with a home!

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