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Do You Want a Pet Alligator? Here is Everything You Need To Know

baby pet alligator

Pet alligators are becoming more and more common. Check out this post from a redditor below. Things like this are more and more common. You can plainly see his alligator wants and seeks his owners’ touch and company! Read the rest of the fantastic, complete article for more on raising a pet alligator. Most people […]

5 Interesting Facts About Anteaters

close up of anteater

Anteaters are not a typical animal you think of when it comes to pets at home or in the wild. This is because of their unique features that are very different from other familiar animals. They are one of a kind and can be considered cute but fearsome at the same time. If you want […]

What Are The Drawbacks of Keeping Wildlife As Pets

et skunk eating

Most people, when talking about wildlife, are usually talking about finding ways to keep it away, and not adopt it. Though occasionally, there will be someone who asks “but why shouldn’t I keep an exotic animal as a pet?”. Well, that’s an interesting question, one that we’ll do our best to answer in this post. […]

9 Animals With Amazing Regenerative Capabilities


Some animals have the incredible ability to regrow or regenerate some of their body parts if they become injured. These animals are some of the wonders of the animal kingdom. Regeneration can best describe as the natural process of renewal or restoration. When a body part is damaged or even severed, some animals can replace […]

7 Exotic Pets that You Can Adopt and Easily Provide For

majestic exotic iguana

Sure, a Golden Retriever is super cute, but it’s a pet next door that you often see in parks, strolling around the block and in almost 80% of dog videos on the Internet. If you aren’t a dog person, the next “viable” option for adoption is a cat. But again, they might just never appreciate […]