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Why Are Sugar Gliders Such Controversial Pets?

Sugar Glider Looking

Sugar Gliders are minute, fascinating animals that are getting a lot of attention from exotic pet owners, despite the controversy regarding their status as pets.If you go online and search for sugar gliders, you’ll most likely find a some funny YouTube videos of these marsupials gliding in a house, eating candy, and just being plain […]

How to Care for Your Pet Scorpion

Scorpion on hard

You might think that scorpions are deadly and aggressive animals that no one wants as a pet – but, the reality is that there are TONS of scorpion owners out there. And also, the scorpion community keeps growing… so what’s the deal with scorpions? They look intimidating and scary, but if you take some time […]

14 Pets that Only Insane People Own

Bears Alaska

Humans love keeping pets, that’s not a surprise. Society has been taming animals since the beginning of civilization to aid us in our work and to keep us company.Animals like dogs and cats have become a staple in many homes for centuries for their ease of training, the love they share with their owners, and […]

Do Anteaters Make Good Pets?!? Find Out If An Anteater is Right For You!

Anteater a Happy Hollow Park & Zoo

For some people having a dog, a cat, or another common household pet just isn’t enough. They want the excitement and the challenge of raising an exotic pet, loving animals that most people wouldn’t even want NEAR their house.Although having an exotic animal as a pet may seem eccentric, some of these animals can be […]