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Ferrets 101 – The Ultimate Guide to Ferret Care

profile of white ferret

Ferrets are some of the most interesting pets to have in your home. They are highly active and playful; amazingly, a group of ferrets is referred to as a “business of ferrets”. These smart fur balls belong to the same family as polecats, weasels, wolverines, otters; among others. It is believed that ferrets have been […]

The Pros and Cons of Having a Pet Alligator


Alligators and crocodiles are some of the most aggressive animals on the planet. They can be as long as 20 feet and can weigh over 1000 lbs!! Trying to control or manage an alligator alone is almost always a death sentence, and they can still be EXTREMELY dangerous with a team of equipped and experienced […]

Analysis: Do You Really Need An Exotic Pet?

A monkey is being held on a woman's head.

We recently came across an article from the Western Advocate titled, Do You Really Need An Exotic Pet? The report was – to put it lightly – staunchly against the concept of having exotic pets in the home. The piece cited information from the World Animal Protection Agency, which found that approximately 25 percent of […]

The Exotic Pets of Influential Artists in History

Exotic Pets of Influential Artists

Pets are marvelous companions that bring us happiness, love, and friendship. They come in all different sizes and shapes, but they all provide company and love to their owners.While some people prefer to keep cats and dogs, some artists prefer the company of wild and exotic animals, maybe because of their eccentricity, perhaps because they […]

Why oh Why… Our Guide to Owning a Pet Skunk

two skunks

You might be thinking, do people really keep skunks in their homes as pets?!? Even with their nasty ability to spray that horrible/dreadful odor that takes days to wear off?!Well, to the surprise of many, skunks are getting much attention from pet owners, labeling them as excellent pets to have and great partners. Regarding the […]