Introducing All Of Animal Lover Miley Cyrus’s 15 Pets

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There are a lot of celebrity pets and celebrity pet lovers out there, but few can compare to Miley Cyrus. Owner of 8 dogs, 2 horses, 2 pigs, and 2 cats, she boasts one of the longest lists of celebrity pets out there today. All rescued from various animal rescue organizations, Miley is a long-time advocate for animal adoption and the value rescue organizations bring to the lives of animals everywhere. Introducing Miley’s line up of dogs, horses, pigs, and cats…just not spiders….yet:

  • Barbie the Beagle – Barbie the Beagle is an adorable tri-color Beagle dog Miley adopted in the summer of 2016 with her then-beau Liam Hemsworth. Miley kept Barbie after the split and the Beagle now resides with Cyrus and the rest of her four-legged adopted brothers and sisters. Barbie is the only purebred beagle in the Cyrus household, although Miley does also have a beagle mix named Happy.
  • Happy the Beagle-Rottweiler mix – In 2012, Miley adopted Happy, a Beagle-Rottweiler mix, from Saving SPOT! Dog Rescue in Los Angeles. Before going to the rescue facility, Happy was found in a box outside of a local Wal-Mart. Undoubtedly an upgrade in lifestyle, Happy now lives happily with Cyrus, a fellow Beagle sister, Happy, and the rest of Miley’s adopted pets.
  • Bean the Chihuahua Mix – After the passing of her beloved Yorkie mix, Lila, in late 2012, Miley Cyrus invited a bit of sunshine into her life once again by adopting Bean. The blonde Chihuahua mix Bean was rescued by Miley from Saving SPOT! Dog Rescue where she found Happy, her Beagle-Rottweiler mix. While Bean has never been officially confirmed to be a Chihuahua mix, this is what Cyrus believes bean to be. Regardless of breed, Bean fits right in with the rest of Miley’s animal family.
  • Emu the Shetland Sheepdog – Emu has the title of Miley’s best-behaved dog and was featured in her Malibu music video. With nicknames like MuMu and Perfect, it’s easy to see how quickly and completely Emu took a special place in Miley’s heart. Emu has been with Miley since his adoption in 2014. Not only a music video star, Emu has been featured on T-shirts and various pieces of tour merchandise.
  • Daisy the Bulldog – After being found by firefighters in Fresno, California, a certain bulldog found a new home and a new name with Miley’s other pets. Kate Moss the Bulldog was abandoned in the area, eventually making her way to the steps of the North Central Fire Protection District Station with a bad flea infestation. She became a part of Cyrus’s family in summer of 2020.
  • Tani the Pit Bull – Tani came to Miley through her relationship with Liam Hemsworth. When they went their separate ways, the bond that Miley shared with Tani could not be broken and the happy pup stayed with the singer. Tani now lives happily with Miley and the dog, cat, pig, and horse brothers and sisters that the adorable Pit Bull has come to love.
  • Kate Moss the Bulldog – Miley spotted a near blind, near deaf, flea-bitten bulldog with less than perfect teeth one day on a social media post from a local California rescue. Naturally, Cyrus not only adopted the pup but named her after the world-famous supermodel Kate Moss. Kate Moss is also said to have a lovely “singing voice”, which endeared her to Miley. Cyrus claims that the bulldog helps her in her vocal warmups.
  • Angel – After the passing of her beloved Pitbull mix, Mary Jane, in late 2020, Miley was ready to open her home and her heart to another pup in need. In February of 2021 Miley brought home a gray and white Pitbull mix she named Angel as a tribute to her late Mary Jane. Angel was a former stray that was brought in by a rescue organization where she was then found and adopted by Cyrus.
  • Lilo – Lilo the domestic longhair kitten was adopted by Miley in 2015 after being rescued from an abuse situation. Lilo and a sibling were brought in by a rescue in difficult condition suffering both infection and injuries. The two young kittens have since grown up to be healthy, happy, and well taken care of cats with Miley’s help.
  • Kiki – Kiki is Lilo’s sibling and was adopted with Lilo in summer of 2015. Adopted in poor health, the two cats are now living their best lives after being brought into the singer’s four-legged family. The two domestic longhair cats have a domestic shorthair cat sibling to hang around with named Harlem.
  • Pumpkin & Dumplin – Pumpkin and Dumplin are Miley’s two horses. An equestrian and horse lover since childhood, Miley once owned a California horse ranch with 10 stalls and 5 acres of riding land which she sold in 2018. With just 2 horses, Miley didn’t have need for the 10 stall property and they now reside with her at her California home.
  • Pig Pig & Puddles – Along with her horses, cats, and dogs, Miley Cyrus also has a special place in her heart for her two pet pigs. Pig Pig was a standard pink rescue pig, and Puddles, also a rescue pig, is a sleek solid black shade. Pig Pig was once named Bubba Sue and is credited with inspiring Miley to take on a vegan lifestyle. Pig Pig passed away in summer of 2019. 

Miley Cyrus has shared her passion for animal advocacy and adoption throughout her career, and frequently spends time promoting the value of rescue as well as her favorite rescue organizations. With such a varied and adorable group, fans can frequently see Miley’s various pets featured in her videos, interviews, magazine features, and her personal social media accounts.

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