Top 4 Surprising Wild Animals That are a Threat to Your Dog

dog attacks snake

If you have a dog, or a cat or other pet for that matter, there are some very important things you should be aware of. One of these has to do with the top animals that can cause harm to your pets. While there are many wild animals that can cause harm, some are obvious, while others are not. Continue reading to find out more about the top four wild animals that are surprisingly a threat to your pet dog.

How are wild animals a threat?

            You might be wondering how different wild animals pose a threat to your dog or other pet. For the purposes of this article, there are two major ways that wild animals can harm your pets. The first is through direct physical contact. This is the most obvious one, as large, aggressive wild animals will fight with their teeth and claws to harm your pets. The other method of harming your pet is through the spreading of disease. This is where the less obvious animals come into play.

How are diseases spread to my pet?

squirrels can be dangerous to dogs

            If you are thinking about how a pet can get diseases from wild animals, there are a few major ways in which this can happen. The most obvious transmission method is through a direct bite or scratch from an infected animal. This usually occurs during a scuffle between the animal and your pet, particularly if the animal is cornered or has young. Another way in which diseases are spread is through your pet coming into contact with an infected wild animal’s urine, feces, or saliva. This can be especially true for dogs, as they seem to have a penchant for sniffing, rolling in, and even eating droppings. These are the most common ways in which your pet can become infected.

  • Rats and Mice

            These two animals are similar enough that they can be lumped together for the purposes of this article. Rats and mice are a surprising threat to your dog, cat, or other pets for a simple reason. They are not the biggest, strongest critter that can cut and scratch your pet, but they have a more sinister weapon that is always with them. As is commonly known, rats and mice carry dozens of different diseases and toxins that can leave humans dead, let alone pets. If your pet has found a rodent and is playing with it, odds are they could be bitten or scratched, which could expose them to a fatal illness.

  • Snakes

            The snake is a wild animal that is often forgotten in terms of causing danger to your pets. According to Wildlife X Team experts, there are many venomous snakes in a wide variety of habitats that can be startled and can lash out. Since venomous snakebites can be deadly in humans, they most certainly can be to your dog as well. This is even more worrisome of a threat with dogs, as they always love to explore areas with tall grass and weeds where snakes generally live. While they might be surprising to be on this list, snakes are a very real threat.

skunks can easily hurt a dog with its claws
  • Skunks

            While the skunk may be more widely known for its foul stench it can spray on dogs and other critters, there are some real threats to your dog from this striped critter. Since skunks usually rely on their spray to deter dogs from attacking them, actual fighting is rare. While your dog will likely win the fight with a skunk, these critters can scratch and bite and harm your dog. In addition, they carry rabies and other diseases that can be spread to your pet.

  • Squirrels

            Squirrels are one of the most common wild animals that can be found in any yard, whether it is urban or rural surroundings. Since they are so common, they are likely one of the most common wild animals encountered by pet dogs. When a squirrel feels threatened, it can really unleash some vengeance, particularly with its teeth and claws. While your dog will likely kill the squirrel, your dog could easily be injured. In addition, squirrels are a rodent that carries many diseases that can spread to your dog as well, making them a surprising, though effective threat.

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