What To Do Immediately After A Dog Bite

No one knows when an aggressive dog will attack. So, it’s impossible to prepare for it. However, you must know what to do immediately after a dog bite. The steps you’ll take in the minutes and the hours following the incident can impact your health and the legal context of the attack.  

Keep in mind that a dog attack can significantly harm not only your health but also your finances. Therefore, protecting them following a mauling is essential. 

Below are the things that you need to do immediately after a dog has bitten you unexpectedly.

Apply First Aid 

When you’re far from a hospital or clinic, applying first aid is the first step you need to take after a dog bite. Prioritize stopping the blood if you have a deep bleeding wound.  

Here’s what you can do to stop the bleeding. First, remove any dirt by washing the wound. If you have a dog bite-prescribed cream available, apply some to the location of the bite. Then, press the bite location using a clean cloth. Follow this method so you can temporarily stop the bleeding until you can find a medical facility for more comprehensive treatment. 

Don’t be afraid or hesitate to call someone for assistance immediately after a dog bite. Keep in mind that the most important thing to consider at this time is your health. 

Before leaving the scene, getting the contact information of the incident’s witness or witnesses is also a good idea. They can help, especially if the dog that attacked wasn’t yours and you plan to talk to a dog bite lawyer

Find Out What Kind Of Dog Bit You, If Possible 

Identifying the animal that attacked you could help doctors devise the most appropriate treatment for your case. It can also help them choose the best type of rabies vaccine to use. Furthermore, remembering the kind of dog that hurt you will make the process of finding the person responsible for the attack easier.

Report The Incident 

An additional action that you can take after receiving proper medical treatment is helping ensure that the same dog doesn’t bite another person. You can do it by filing a report with the authorities in the area where the incident happened. Even if the injury you sustained was minor, notify the police and contact the local animal control department. There will be documentation of the incident if you take these steps. 

Observe Your Injury 

Watching your injury is still crucial even after getting treated in a hospital. Taking precautions is still necessary even if you already have a vaccine shot, in case the medication doesn’t work. Rabies is a deadly virus, so being extra careful is a must. Also, other infections could reach your body when you get bitten by an animal, so watch out for any abnormal bruising or swelling. If you notice any, show them to your doctor as soon as possible.

Find Out More Information About The Dog And Its Owner

So, you already have the necessary medical treatment. Now it’s time to find out more information about the dog that bit you. Perform research about the animal’s owner. Talk to the witnesses to know if the dog was restrained properly during the incident or if it was provoked by someone else. 

If you can find the dog owner, exchange information with them. Ask for their contact and insurance information. If their dog has a vaccination record, get a copy of it as well. Keep in mind, though, that discussing who’s at fault during this meeting isn’t an ideal move. Let your personal injury or dog bite attorney take care of it.  

Take Legal Action If Applicable 

Different places implement varying dog bite laws. That’s why a dog bite incident is often surrounded by legal complexities. A lawyer can help you understand what legal action to take for your dog-bite-related injury. Contact an attorney if you want to get a higher chance of successfully obtaining compensation.

Final Thoughts 

All the things mentioned and discussed in this post are crucial steps that a dog bite victim has to take. Do them immediately after getting bitten.  

However, what’s most important is to avoid the need to take all those steps as much as possible. Always be careful when dealing with an animal or if you’re near one to prevent getting attacked. Stay away from dogs that don’t show much training and discipline. If you’re a dog owner, training your pet and watching over them is your responsibility, especially when they’re around people. Some even install a pet camera to monitor their pet’s behavior.

Dog bite incidents can be harmful to both the owner and the person who was bitten. That’s why both have to be responsible and take precautions.

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