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Are Irises Poisonous to Dogs? Safety Guide

Are Irises Poisonous to Dogs

Every year, an estimated 100,000 pets in the United States alone are exposed to potentially toxic plants, particularly during the springtime bloom. As gardens across the country come alive with the vibrant hues of irises, a pressing question arises for pet owners: are iris poisonous to dogs? Unfortunately, the answer is unsettling. Yes, irises do […]

The Role of Physiotherapy in Enhancing Canine Rehabilitation and Recovery

In the multifaceted realm of pet care and well-being, canine physiotherapy emerges as a crucial but often underestimated discipline. This intricate field dives into the domains of mobility, strength, flexibility, and overall physical health for our four-legged friends.  To fully grasp the significant role that physiotherapy plays in the lives of dogs, it is imperative […]