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5 Ways To Provide The Best Nutrition For Your K9

female officer with K9

Creating a balanced meal for your dog, particularly your K9, is essential since they need complete nutrition to function properly at work. Providing them with healthy food won’t just help them perform well during work or training but will also help maintain their health throughout their lives. Keep in mind, though, that not all dogs […]

Coughing In Dogs: 5 Causes And Treatments

dog using a nebulizer machine

Coughing can be pretty common in pet dogs, especially if they’re experiencing it three-four times. However, it can be alarming if it’s consistent and you don’t know why they’re coughing. If you’re wondering if your pet is experiencing sickness or just simply coughing, this article will inform you about the five causes of your dog’s […]

Motivating Children To Look After Their Pets

Little boy kisses the dog in nose on the window. Friendship, care, happiness, new year concept.

Did your child talk you into bringing home a pet and then stop caring for the animal? Unfortunately, this is a story that we’ve heard way too many times. Your children long for a pet and convince you that caring for the animal will teach them lessons like responsibility. After bringing home the pet, there’s […]

Dog Saves Human: Six Heroic Dogs That Risked Their Own Lives To Save Their Owners

paw in human hand

Dogs are amazing creatures. They are lovable, sweet, and cute. They can be clingy at times and won’t let you out of their sight, but that’s only because they love you too much. However, underneath their cuddly, fluffy exterior, dogs are innately smart, brave, and protective. Here are six hero dogs whose stories are proof […]

Adopting Your First Dog: 10 Ways To Be A Good Fur Parent

loving pet owner with her adopted dog

One of the greatest pleasures in life is becoming a dog parent. You may be aware of how having a dog can bring numerous benefits to your life. Dogs are perceived to be faithful to their owners, not to mention they’re showy with their affection and energetic spirit. Some dog breeds also tend to be […]

How To Get Fleas Off Of A Dog

close up macro photo of a flea

Pet owners should be well aware of the fact that fleas could cause severe harm to your dog. If you notice that your dog has fleas, you’ll want to take every step possible to remove the pest. Failure to do so could result in severe health complications for your dog. Below, we’ve provided a breakdown […]