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Top 4 Surprising Wild Animals That are a Threat to Your Dog

dog attacks snake

If you have a dog, or a cat or other pet for that matter, there are some very important things you should be aware of. One of these has to do with the top animals that can cause harm to your pets. While there are many wild animals that can cause harm, some are obvious, […]

What To Look For In A Dog Daycare Facility

doggy day care

Like most dog owners, you want your furry friend to have a safe, fun place to stay while you’re at work or running errands. That’s where dog daycare facilities come in! Dog daycare facilities provide a supervised environment for dogs to socialize, exercise, and play. Their services may include dog grooming, training, and boarding. It’s […]

Why Greyhounds Are Great Family Dogs

greyhounds make great pets

The Greyhound is a breed of dog with a long and interesting history. Ancient Egyptian pharaohs, who relied on their speed and agility for hunting, kept them as pets.  Since then, they have retained a prominent position as the dogs of nobles and have appeared in various works of art and literature. Would you like […]

5 Reasons to Invest in Puppy Training

fe male dog trainer with puppies

Dogs are extremely intelligent animals and they can learn skills and tricks more than you realize. Through dog training, you will be able to help your dog adopt more desirable behaviors, how to act appropriately in different situations, and establish a stronger bond with you. It is essential to begin dog training early so that […]

Introducing All Of Animal Lover Miley Cyrus’s 15 Pets

miley on the red carpet

There are a lot of celebrity pets and celebrity pet lovers out there, but few can compare to Miley Cyrus. Owner of 8 dogs, 2 horses, 2 pigs, and 2 cats, she boasts one of the longest lists of celebrity pets out there today. All rescued from various animal rescue organizations, Miley is a long-time […]