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The King Of Rock And Roll’s Animal Kingdom: Elvis Presley’s Pets At Graceland

Rock and roll does not seem to be the only thing Elvis Presley was a king of. Elvis Presley was also the king of his own animal kingdom in Graceland. Fans of Presley know that he had always loved music, but what many do not know is that he was also a lifelong animal lover. […]

The Best Way to Care for Your Leopard Gecko

head of leopard gecko

If you are thinking about getting an exotic pet and more so a reptile, a leopard gecko is ideal. This small lizard is excellent for the novice. If you are a veteran reptile owner, having this exotic friend is blissful to say the least. These lizards are not just easy to handle; but they also […]

Hermit Crab Care: Top Tips To Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy

Closeup of a hermit crab crawling on wood

If you love exotic pets, you will adore hermit crabs. They are loving crustaceans that live longer in the wild. In their natural habitat, these crabs can live up to 30 years. However in captivity as pets, life expectancy drops to 10 years. This goes to show that you must look after them properly if […]

Are You Being a Good Boy? Pet Cameras: Top Benefits and Why You Need One

naughty puppy rips up tissues

If you are a pet owner, a pet camera is something you might have come across or heard of. If not, this article will dive into all you need to know in this respect. A pet cam is a tool that allows you to capture footage of your pet when you are not around. Because […]

How to Care for a Guinea Pig: A Comprehensive Guide on Improving Your Pet’s Quality of Life

Portrait of cute red guinea pig. Close up.

Pets definitely add some zest to our lives. Without pets, life would not be the same. Your pet of choice is purely informed by what you fancy. Some people prefer dogs and cats, while others prefer more exotic pets. The most popular pets in homes are rodents like mice, hamsters and guinea pigs. These cute […]

ChomChom Roller Dog Hair/Cat Hair/Pet Hair Remover Review

Whether it’s a long hair or short hair, a cat, or a dog, the one thing that every pet owner will deal with is shedding. A four-legged friend that’s given free rein of a home will sleep on beds, sofas, recliners, loveseats, and, of course, laps if they can squeeze in. But once a pet […]