The Rarest Dog Breeds on the Planet

Tibetan Mastiff

If you live in a busy city, there’s a good chance you’ve run into 100s of dog breeds in your lifetime. Common dog breeds range from small dogs like Yorkshire Terriers and Shih Tzu to the large Labrador Retrievers and Mastiffs. However, every now and then you might encounter a different, maybe slightly unusual breed […]

14 Pets that Only Insane People Own

Bears Alaska

Humans love keeping pets, that’s not a surprise. Society has been taming animals since the beginning of civilization to aid us in our work and to keep us company. Animals like dogs and cats have become a staple in many homes for centuries for their ease of training, the love they share with their owners, […]

Are My Dogs Gums Healthy? What to Look for and How to Check

Dog Gums

As we’ve written about before here on GeoZoo, dog grooming is essential and it’s one of the most important parts of keeping our little friends healthy and happy. Proper grooming should never be neglected. However, there’s one HUGE part of grooming that many owners forget about, oral care. Just like humans, dogs suffer from dozens […]

Do Anteaters Make Good Pets?!? Find Out If An Anteater is Right For You!

Anteater a Happy Hollow Park & Zoo

For some people having a dog, a cat, or another common household pet just isn’t enough. They want the excitement and the challenge of raising an exotic pet, loving animals that most people wouldn’t even want NEAR their house. Although having an exotic animal as a pet may seem eccentric, some of these animals can […]

25 Surprising Ways To Make Your Dog Happy

happy dog golden retriever

Keeping our dogs happy is one of the most exciting parts of being a dog owner, seeing them wiggle their tails and excitedly greet us when we arrive home is the best part of the day. Dogs love the simplest activities (as long as they are with you) and always return their love with with […]

The 22 Most Popular Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

American Hairless Terrier In Water

Everyone loves dogs! It’s an undeniable fact, they’re the most popular pet in the world However, there’s a large number of people that would love to have a dog, but can’t because they dislike dealing with the hairy mess dogs leave around the house, the furniture, and on clothing. Whether you dislike it, or, suffer […]